Get Up

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I want you to envision your dream in front of you.
I want you to stare it in the face.
I want you to feel it as if you already made it come true.

When you have big dreams, life is going to kick you down, you are going to be ridiculed and mocked, you are going to be told no more times than you can count.

When you have big dreams, life will challenge you to see how hard you are willing to fight.

See, we all know that life is not all rainbows and butterflies. Life will be cruel. That's a fact.

Life will punch you as hard as it can. And for many people, they give up after a few punches. They stay stagnant on the ground and they say "It's too much. I can't do it."

They start to believe the opinions of others as if they were TRUE when they are not! They start to believe that they aren't worthy of such value. They become cynical and jaded and then they turn into the attacker of the next person with big dreams and high hopes.

But the greatest of the greats, with the biggest of the dreams...they took a different approach in life, even after being kicked down time after time and being told no over and over again...

They got up.

They persevered through each of the punches life threw at them, and they won.

We all have doubts about ourselves, however, the people who make their dreams come true don't build a house and live in that awful feeling. They know that is only a place to visit from time to time; not a place to stay. It is merely a turning point, a new opportunity to actually deal with whatever it is that is blocking them from reaching their goal.

You can either play the victim, or you can get hit as hard as life can hit you and still get up and shine while you're at it.

I believe full-heartedly that our dreams were given to us so we can achieve our soul's purpose. Our love and our passion are no accident.

So take life by the throat. Work hard at your goal every day. Because if you don't work hard, life will be hard.

But when you fight back, when you work hard, when you keep going and keep will become easy.

Remember that pain is only


but regret can last a


Do not cut the world short of your true potential.

Get up.

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Funny. You and I were really on the same page today!

I won't link to it here because I don't want to be spammy but you can find it on my blog easy enough. "You cannot steer a parked car."

I so greatly desire to see more of humanity rise to the level of their dreams!

Love this Macey!

Thank you :)

Life is all about learning and moving ahead. Life only throws challenges that we can overcome and never a situation will be given to you for which you are not ready. This is what I have learned from my Guruji H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankarji and also experienced in my life.

Your post truly shows this lesson which I am sure you have well learnt. Keep writing as I find your posts really good and something I can connect to.