Lose the fear (Balance emotional and mental)

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Fear is one of the most common feelings, that we are human beings, and to move forward we have to find a way to control it or even delete it.

All us, you have fear to something, that is inevitable, I it think a feeling natural of any human being, many times develop this fear, by experiences vivid in our childhood, that us took to that field, or even in the adolescence, but, them adults nor are exempt to this feeling, in itself, can occur in any moment of our lives , and that, somehow, we slow down in many things that we aspire to be. 

Can be that fear is a mental block, a situation that we have passed, as, for example: a love in our lives that we hurt, a robbery armed on the street, a snake that stung us, a bad deal that affected us economically, in itself, there are many, is available to all of us who say we feel fear for something lies, many times we deny it, so society sees us as courageous, but in the background is something that if affect you. 

What is the goal, which all have to have, is to look at us, the way and the form of fear, anything that affects us, we have to go in search of our mental and emotional balance, how can this be achieved?, facing our fears, strengthening our minds, eye, it is an easy path, we must go step by step because not only it is fear, and because, it is not generating a strong mentality that allows us to deal with any problem and situation, by which we can move. 

Nothing is achieved, if us not us propose beat that fear, the greater effort it must make us, and nobody more, the fear not it are going to beat, if hope that someone us resolve our problem, without our dedication, not going to achieve nothing, although always is good count, with the support emotional, because there is fear so strong, that really not is can beat , but if you can go controlling over time, there if required aid, which really work us, to lose that fear. 

It is important to realize, that have fear is nothing wrong, or anything from the other world, as there are times that some people would have us believe, that we are cowards, or are not capable, but when your check in the background to that person which you criticized, often have more fears than you but hides it under a shell, believing others , that is a person almost perfect, that does not feel any type of fear. 

The fear we have to beat him, because many times don't let us make progress, in our lives, can be considered an obstacle, that we can put below the rope, saying it metaphorically, we are capable of many things, we get that goal, neutralize or overcome the fear, that Yes, not to say, that if we did it already we are perfect, humans will never be perfect , but if best, must use our experience to help to others to overcome that fear that not the leaves move.

                                        "We make the difference" 

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Great post and I love the photos too. I hope the New Year is going well for you?

Thank you friend, if really I am very motivated in this new year, with desire of achieve all what I propose.

Nice post! (;

Solid post!


Always an upvote worth :-) Greetings to Venezuela :-)

Thank you always for your support @lichtblick