Making life choices!

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Life choices sometimes can be difficult. Your head strongly feel A is right while you heart tells you B is the answer. The world seems to neglect you at this point, no one can help you. Of course, various opinions will reach you but it will be of two kinds just like the battle you're facing with your head and heart.

Is it right or wrong? The battle you'll face within yourself is the number one thing. Your temperature is high, your head is bursting, your stomach rumbles and every fibre of being within you struggles to push. The hormones are active, they're all telling you something. Asking you to listen, you're confused about taking the decision.

The decision to be taken is always yours. All the opinions you seek will only further disrupt your thoughts or bring you closer to the answers you seek. A is good because it will help you, it's the right way presently, it's what everyone is doing. B is also right, you're following your passion, don't look at the now, the future holds something great for you.

Whatever decision you finally make, you still have to look back at the early stage to think "Am I on the right path?" "Is this the right decision?". The world don't care who you are or what you are doing, what the world need is someone creating something new.

At the end, the guidance you seek. The lasting solution you ever wanted and needed is deep within your core. You're the only one who can determine how you want your life to be. While some have chosen passion ahead of other things, some have looked away from it and found something else.

Making a wrong choice can be brutal. So, always remember you're the answer you seek. Look inward. Find your inner strength and manifest your dreams.

Be a light, shine!!

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