There's more to life than just being happy!

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Hello guys, I guess it's been long I made a post here. I've been quite busy and had some difficult time. Well I'm here with some motivation, this goes to those who think a good life should always end with happiness.

There's more to life than just being happy or finding so everlasting romance, 80% of people prefer to live a life in a triangle. Most times we need to go out in the circle, discover things in the world which are remain unknown to us and in this process we can discover ourselves. There's no greater joy than discovering who you really are because that gives you an edge over others. We need to learn, unlearn and learn again, living a triangular type of life makes it quite impossible to do that.

Go out there, discover and appreciate things about nature, have fun meet new people and keep those who share similar qualities with you. Learn to never beg for people to stay in your life, if they want to leave let them. Whatever is meant to stay will stay! Learn to live with such mentality. There's so much to life out there. Start living!



Muchas veces por querer siempre lo cotidiano, no nos enfocamos en buscar cosas más de allá de lo que muchos aspirarían, debemos ser diferentes, para así hacer la diferencia, el cambio empieza por nosotros mismos, centrarnos en lo básico, suerte en el de la vida a todos

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