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Do you know, this world is interlocking? What I mean is this, our world is comparable.

Sometimes, you will see a man in animals, and some point in time, you see an animal in a man. As they will both share the same character. It now depends on your intelligence, hollistically seeing the hidden fact.


This is applicable to plants too, did I hear you say food? Yes... Food is inclusive. We can share the same trait with foods sometimes, and that is what I'm gonna do today. The connectivity of living things to non-livings

Humans are more or less like pop corns...
You ask me why? I will surely give my reasons.

The normal protocol for preparing popcorns is simple and obvious.

Popcorns are normally fried in the same pot, in the same oil, at the same time and under the same heat conditions,But they do not all pop at the same time. Why? Because that is the way the author (God) wrote the script.ANONYMOUS

During flood period, fish are meant to feed on ants for survival and When flood recedes, ants repeat such by feeding on fish. Why? Because that is the way he wants it to be(The Creator)ANONYMOUS

To make a soap, oil is required and to clean a drop of oil, soap is also required. Why? Because that is the way it should be.
We are meant to help each other, but unfortunately, reverse is the case.


This is the irony of life
For the popcorn's case: Never get intimidated, you might be born in the same time, named the same day, but it's not a must sharing the same level of achievement at the same time. If you believe in yourself, you could overthrow that intimidating fellow. In this game, there is room for victory if chased.

Everybody needs somebody at any one point in time. Do not despise or treat anyone with scorn when they are excelling or failing more than you. There is time for EVERYTHING and for EVERYONE.

  • Keep on the TRUST in God and WAIT for your turn.

  • Keep on believing your capability, and it will surely come in a jiffy

  • Restrict from chasing others for glory, and you will surely achieve it without their hypocrisy.

Your time to POP will surely come at God's appointed time. NEVER GIVE UP! He makes all things beautiful in his own time.

For the fish and ant, I will only say:
Be humble, that minnow struggling today will surely be a whale, and you might be disappointed not being the ladder to his throne in the end.

That floor plan will sure turn a mansion

The great Rome was also in the same shoe some centuries ago; as people claim, it was not built in a day.

The crowned heir was once a baby. So, why do you look down on that helpless piece of shit. Hey man! It has a value, I mean a shit could serve as a manure in the future.

It does you no harm being a good man or woman. And it does you no good flagging a post worth just 2 SBD. It only deprives you of God's favour, it might not be now, you will surely meet it in the future. Hey man!Karma exists.

And, finally the soap episode...
We are all in this world with a specific value, you have yours, I have mine. The fact that I'm powerless does not mean my 0.01 SP is valueless, if you multiply it by 200, that is what another person is craving for since the time he has joined STEEMIT.

You might need her help in the future, as our politicians regardless of their fame and possessions need the help of poor masses.

Stretch out your helping hands now. I don't know what the holy books said about helping each other, but I'm confident it won't be a negativity. If you know, feel free to share in the comment box below.

Let's get off that for now, I think a word they say is enough for the wise.

Do you want to be grateful, or you found your self the know-it-all type, then, I will urge you to visit these three places.

  • The hospital
  • The prison, and
  • The Cemetery

At the Hospital

You will understand that nothing is more beautiful than health. ANONYMOUS

Help the sick get up, a dollar might be a multimillion dollar gold sometimes...

In The Prison

You'll realize freedom is the most precious thing.ANONYMOUS

Give thanks to your creator often, and never engage in bad act that could make you one (Prisoner)

At The Cemetary
You will realize that life is worth something, although, the ground we walk today will surely be our roof tomorrow. But, we may try hard and keep the TOMORROW till it comes naturally.

Please! Never force it, never give depression a chance because of the way things are going right now, the future is bright if you keep on believing.

Never die so easily, we need you here; in our world. The peak is in you, build it, as we shall all enjoy it in the end. World earth needs one more Cristiano, one more Messi, one more Barrack Obama, one more Muhammad Alli, and this might be you. Dieing now is a waste not only to your family and the world at large, but to YOU

Lots of love from a Minnow Amateur Writer. He hope it gets well soon.


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