Your daily inspirational quote #1

in motivation •  last year

Be in love with your life.Every detail of it. (1).png

I believe that the beauty of quotes lies in the fact that they spark ideas. Ideas and truths about your life that you may have forgotten already as you go about your daily life...

Take your time to reflect.

These are my 3 personal thoughts when thinking about this quote:

  1. Life is beautiful in its variety. However, many times, we get stuck in a rut. Work, sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat and repeat. Stop this washing machine routine! Your soul is getting lost in the washing machine, same as the sock you swear you put there before you turned it on but cannot find it now... What about ditching the routine and exploring something new every day? Something different? Something beautiful?

  2. Don't just be in love with the "fun" stuff. Try to enjoy the sad stuff, too. Embrace the sadness. Sadness can be good, too! It makes us stronger, it makes us human, it makes us appreciate happiness that much more!

  3. Get up tomorrow and start loving things you once hated and see what happens. Maybe you hate doing house chores but what if you listened to your favourite podcast while doing them? Maybe you hate getting up early but what if you had your favourite cereals in the morning already on the table once you open your eyes? I mean, find ways to enjoy every minute you spend on this Earth. And if you can't, ditch it. Really hate getting up early? Talk to your boss about starting later or change jobs, life is too short to be unhappy.

Be in love with your life. Every detail of it.


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