Adjusting To The Unexpected

in motivation •  last year  (edited)

Adjusting to the unexpected

Wipe the sleep from my eyes
as the new virgin sun arise
All my well-thought-out written plans
only words on ocean sand

Script written in the book of life
sculpted perfection by the potters knife
believing in the things unseen
awaiting the unexpected for my next scene

G. Koevert

We like to plan our future the way we dream about it and there is nothing wrong with writing your own life story. The only problem is that we don’t really hold the controls to this ‘ship of life.’ You can plan all you want, but I can promise you that there will be the unexpected curveball that will change the direction or timeframe of your future plans. Trusting and believing that God is the only one who holds the key to your future successes, will help you to brace for impact when the unexpected happens. He only wants what is good for you and you will definitely reach the goal with Him in control, the only thing that may come as a curveball, is the road that takes you there. @koevert
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He knows what is best for us, we have to trust in him and ask for guidance towards our dreams.
May our dreams come true through Christ our Lord; Amen.


Well said👌

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It's true we don't hold the controls, the earlier we realize this the better.
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Very wise words on the path of life @koevert

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