The Most Pragmatic Reason Why You Should Work Hard on Steemit

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I suppose some Steemians have been down by the recent decrease of STEEM price.
Read this piece to blaze your passion back on track!

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Are you anxious about the future of STEEM or the world of cryptocurrency just because of its volatility?

I'm not.

I jumped at Steemit because it was the necessary future system I had imagined,

and I'm fucking confident in my foresight.

The more​ I look into economics, technology, politics, environmental issues, neuroscience, psychology, history, Buddhism, the recent movement of the world, and what's been on people's mind with a macro viewpoint, the clearer that there're​ only two paths left to us: devastation or a taking one step further to evolution.

The factors of devastation:

  • Capitalism is destructive: It innately brings wealth disparity, discontent, environmental degradation, and resource depletion.
  • Natural resources will run out within 100 years or faster.
  • Current globalism is economic, not cultural and based on the capitalism. Meaning the destruction is pandemic.
  • People subconsciously realize it through biological unreasonableness brought by the system, which is now forging nationalism. It'll perhaps escalate into fascism, blood all over again because capitalism still calls for globalism.
  • Capitalism is less likely to be changed because it's become neuroscientifically hard to resist.
  • People have no clue on what would be the solution so gravitate to a simple one such as shifting the system to socialism or whatever, then hate and smash each other over whatever the fuck-ism side you're on.

Crypto? If we're to take this path, It'll be live or die. don't even bother.
giphy.gifand more.

The factors of evolution:

  • Technology develops an eco power plant alternative and eco-friendly huge power plants that generate immense power to save natural resources, one of which, cannot be successful under capitalism.
  • Technology develops, and more AI does drudgery work incl. physical labour, then basic income or basic-whatever finally comes into play, freeing people from the delusion of capitalism.
  • Technology helps the current system collapse, such as less cost and more money in the top 1% who doesn't have much to spend the money to circulate it. Thus Paper cash HAVE started to lose its "value," + Paper cash is just another resource eater bug which shall be done away with.

• There'll be more internet-based independent work, and its "value" is "likes" in post-capitalism.

  • More people with a happy life.
  • Population density? Use rockets.

Once our technology made it on time, we won't have to work shit jobs and will welcome the future.

So this is when Steemians' efforts pay off with tremendous advantage whereas late riders or crypto-haters have to start off from scratch, or worse yet, get sent to Mars


It's crystal clear to me that what we've gotta prioritize to survive are science and technology.
The blockchain is the part of it. We've taken part in it / Steemit.

It is an inevitable process to the future. We've already known that papers are archaic. Sadly it's still generally considered just as one category of investments to squeeze the archaic value out of future one. I know you need to cash out some of them to hedge the risk or to pay your rent, but you know how to deal with it.

Besides, do you think physical currency was stable when it was nascent? Hell no. Bank robbers everywhere, guns blazing. Failure and flaws are meant to be made. No need to have a wobble, we've just gotta keep it up.
We've gotten in on it: we're the ones who take people to the future.
Anther encouraging post from @coolenglish

So I tell you about one thing that takes care of our electricity in the future. It's

HHO Home Energy Unit by WPP

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 0.04.17.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 15.57.31.png
Karlblaise has explained it here, read it and come back (or later).

You're Back? Let's speculate about the price.

10 free units of the HHO Home Energy Unit will be up for grabs amongst the ITO participants who will purchase up to 10,000 WPP tokens. The chances are increased for every 10,000WPP tokens purchased.

WPP token purchase page
Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 15.42.48.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 15.45.17.png

So I hope it will come out at around $20k. But It's like a special price for early bird investors so probably + extra $10k = $30k or more?
It depends on its durability and their repair service whether I'll buy it right after it's come out or wait for a year to see how it goes, but It'd be on the top of my wishlist anyway as long as it's $20-$30. The higher the price, the lower in the ranking of my wishlist. (I hope my income will have been better by then.)

Let's work hard on Steemit for our own future electricity. lol

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 0.11.30.png

The exchange rate as of Aug 18, 2018

CAUTION - I'm not a sales person from WPP by the way.

So I encourage you to aim for 2,000+ STEEM to save up.

A pragmatic reasoning isn't it?

I also need to remind you: It's YOU grow the better world for your kids, and more importantly, for yourself.
Don't sell it too much being cringed at the nightmare that won't come, and together we will make it.
You don't wanna get paid less when your effort's paid off.​

You think I'm tripping? Yeah just like what people thought of Copernicus in the past.


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Excellent post! It's good to see some Japanese people coming to Steem who have an understanding of what's really going on here. We need more mind food posts like this and less body food posts. I think you should publish this in Japanese as well.

By the way, I also suggest following @taskmaster4450. I think you'll resonate with his posts.

Take it easy.


I'm glad to have such a positive comment! and your suggestion was totally right. I have resonated with him and I follow him. I really appreciate it!!
I wasn't sure if I'd post a translated version, but I will.


Yeah, he has a lot of great posts with a very positive outlook. Although I do think it's important not to ignore the negatives.

If you have time, on Saturdays at 10 AM we have a free English chat on Discord. Would be great to have you there some time. Here's the invite link


Although I do think it's important not to ignore the negatives.

I should be aware of that. Thanks for your invitation, I've just joined in.


Wow, thanks for your beautiful comment!