Time waits for no man

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Hello everybody
Juliet is here again

Som jus apun righ now....


So this morning, as I walked my way to the bus stop to get a vehicle that'll convey me to ?)my destination, I could see the crowd ahead.

I could tell there was no bus available and just a few steps to the bus stop, a bus pulled up and people got in.

On getting to where the Bus was parked, I realised that there was only one seat available and a passenger was busy negotiating the fare with the driver claiming it was ridiculously hiked.

Well, as a sharp girl who didn't want to wait for another 10 minutes or more for the next bus, I hopped in immediately....

While the said potential passenger stood there in awe.

The bus took off immediately....😄

Wicked, you may say....

But hey!

That's life for you.
Life is not a bed of roses and you have to be actively smart to take what you really want.

Overtaking is allowed....

So while you're there considering whether or not that business is viable, someone else has already dived and gotten in.

I learned this after so many lessons...

Time waits for no man.

Learn to take action immediately.

Have a fun filled Wednesday.

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nice follow me


With your 23 rep, you need to be flagged and flogged again self....


Flagged again?


Don't you think so??


Create quality content and you will get rewarded for it... Stop begging for follows please.

On a second thought, what makes you think a follow guarantees upvote?


Thanks a lot dear.
I can follow you but not upvote your post.
I appreciate

Well said... Life is all about been smart. Somethings are more valuable than money e.g time... We have to make good use of it

Thanks for sharing dearest

Work smart


Thanks a lot for sharing.

Lagos sharp girl.
Lesson learnt.
Even the time is moving..., so should we.


Abi nau

Thanks o. Even the time is actually moving.

Yeah, time waits for no man


Yeah, exactly.