Decision and Action

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Some people fail to take a proper and appropriate action towards their dream in life. People like that are good dreamers but bad achievers.


It is good to dream but bad no to turn a decision to action.
One positive action towards your dream is better than 1000 intentions in your heart yet to be executed.

Anyone that cannot take action can never make progress in life. People who fail to take action are low-generation people. They are simply indecisive.
Failure to take decision can make a person stagnant in life. Only decision makers can operate on the mount of success.

If you lack the wisdom to make decisions and take action, you will not be able to compete with your peers and contemporaries in life.

No good thing can come by chance. You must decide to take decision and act at the appropriate time.

Your destiny is not by chance. It is by choice.

It is your decision that will determine your destination.

Having a good dream is not enough because your action will be the determinant of your ability to reach the realm of distinction.

Let’s take it to the bible. In Numbers 13:30, Caleb encouraged the people of Israel to take possession of the land that originally belonged to people stronger in physique and looks. While everyone sank into negativity, Caleb was courageous and ready to take possession of the land.

Guess what!
He made it to the promise land. The pessimists didn’t.

Fear will only paralyze your vision. Have an objective and purpose.

People can give you professional advice but they cannot force you to make a decision. They can influence your action if you won’t make a move.

As someone aspiring to succeed in life, it is your job to take the right step towards making the right decision and actualizing your dream afterward.

Wrong decision

Let’s pick from the bible once more. The book of Proverbs 19 verse 21 as interpreted in my own words states that “there are many plans in a man’s heart but only God’s counsel will stand.”

From that scriptural wisdom, we can deduce that although man’s future depends on many things in life, the most important factor is YOU. You make the decision that results in the situation you find yourself.

Failure Syndrome

You are not a failure when you make mistakes but you are a failure when you fail to try after a setback especially at specific crucial matters of life.

High jump is admirable. It is not for high people but for those who have made up their minds and decided to jump high regardless of the whatever they are passing through.

An example of a high achiever is Wilma Rudolph who I will be writing about soon.
Be an high achiever. Are you one?

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