Your attitude will determine your altitude.

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“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” — Zig Ziglar. What do you think of this quote? Comment below.

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Good one!

In life state of mind is everything. Check the general population around you and watch their disposition gauge - negative or positive - and if the outcomes are negative then you may need to take a gander at your own state of mind and make certain alterations. Generally individuals reflect our own particular oblivious sentiments and demeanors about existence that we maybe are not recognizing head on. Keep in mind, your demeanor decides your height. That is the reason its so imperative to be selective about who we do invest our energy with. I trust that we do progress toward becoming what we think about, and who we encircle ourselves with consistently unequivocally impacts what we think about or move toward becoming. An inspirational mentality isn't tied in with showing an imposter grin, an upbeat face and a lively attitude. It is just a method for reacting to life in a way that enables us to acknowledge the duality, the logical inconsistencies, the complexities of our encounters. An uplifting state of mind empowers you to have any kind of effect in your general surroundings since when you can see things in a constructive light, you help to impact and shape other individuals' demeanor also.

You are my inspiration, always respect you and learn something new @joeparys

That's a strong quote. I think you should know this,u are my role model@joeparys


Thanks a lot for your good words @rexy19.


You are always welcome, my role model@goeparys

Attitude doesn't cones every one.

It's all about your attitude, be grateful, gratitude!

Nice view and beautyfull picture


Thank you @pratap339, I am glad you like it.

This quote inspired me...👌

This quote inspired me... 👌


I am glad it did @goalsetter.

Wao! Thats just an amazing quote from a rare gem Zig Ziglar.

Going back to your question what do I think of this quote? I just think he is talking about what matters most in order to get where we desire is how we take the necessary bold steps required to be there , not necessarily whatever we think that we know ; but the actions we took in handling our fears, failures and successes! That is the attitude!

wonderful :D

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