Positive thinking will let you do everything better!

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“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” — Zig Ziglar. What do you think?Comment below.

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Positive thinking leads to breakthrough
Negative thinking leads to drinking


Thank you for your comment @cliffpower and I hope you are on the positive side.


@joeparys I delegated with you and tried to connect in discord, can you help me out with a link or is there something I'm missing?


All the way positive side. :)

This is such a simple yet profound thought. Why do so many people struggle with staying positive?


Thank you @jmjuryfor your comment.

Your posts are always full of motivation💓

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For well surviving need positive thinking

Think negative, attract negative. Think positive, attract positive. Simple as that 👊🏻

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Thank you @kenmelendez for sharing your thoughts with us.

postive thinking bro.. you are doing a good job

Always best to have a positive mindset on any issue. Even medically, it is a lot healthier


Thanks a lot for commenting.

Well said sir great motivations from you sir @joeparys

Well said.. positive thinking always help us to achieve our Target.. Thanks for this post sir


I am glad you like it @sukumar1.

Of course it will. That's kinda silly but makes sense.

Happy to see so many talking about #mindset on #steemit. Thanks for the burst of motivation! I've been exploring this topic myself and would love your feedback if you're so inclined??

If you're focusing on the lack, then you will find much of it. You will also kill the curiosity and creative mindset that works towards solutions.

Straight forward and true man! It also causes you to have better motivation to do great things that you are passionate about too! :D


Thank you for your comment @denoxblogger.

Good motivation tips.Thanks sir i can follow you.

The thing is persistence- you have to PERSIST when times get hard. A solution won't always pop up instantly, and that's when a positive mindframe is crucial. Your mindset, whether negative or positive, dictates how you experience the world and which actions you are able to take in life! Thanks for the motivating post.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts @edwardbora23 with us here.

Hello @joeparys saw your video on YouTube 5tips steemit really helpful it was thank you