The Only Motivational Post You Need Today

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What's one thing that would make your life better?

If you had it..."Oh, my life would be soooo much easier!

Perhaps it's:
---> More money
---> Less body weight
---> Better job

You're using these 'lack of X' to determine your happiness and self-worth.

You're not thinking about everything you've gained so far that got you to this point.
---> At 16, you had $0, now you have a job that pays no matter what it is
---> At some point in your life, you were your ideal weight, so it's possible to get there
---> You learned to read, which got you to school, which helped you communicate, which helped land you a job

These sound like small things...but they're not.

The difference lived in the each day. You built upon each day to : graduate from school, interview for a job, learn how to pay bills...

Each of those events came from little moments strung together.

To get more money, better health, better's the same process.

Little moments strung together. Baby steps, one at a time. It takes 14 years to graduate from a high school...4 years to get a college degree. Why do you think it will only take 1 week to make lose land your dream job?

It won't.

Instead of looking at the big picture...start with just today. String together today,then tomorrow, then the next day...

You'll see changes.

I quit my job after years of trying to start a business. Now, I can sit in my home-office with no boss looking over my shoulder to see if I'm on Steemit again.

I can write with my PJs on.

All because of those moments strung together. Those baby steps.

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