You have a right to be motivated (15/04/2019)

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"When it Hurts - observe. Life is trying to Teach you Something." - - - Anita Krizzan

Sometimes you're going to Love - purely and unconditionally - but still get Hurt. Observe! Sometimes you're going to Work - Diligently and Assiduously - but still Not get the promotion. Observe! Sometimes you're going to Study all that's required - Reading & Researching Day and Night - but still Not get a Good Grade. Observe! Sometimes you're going to put in ALL OF YOU in a Race - Preparing, Practising and Performing excellently - but still not Win. Observe! Life is not just trying to Teach you something, Life is Preparing you for Times, Places and Opportunities even Higher, Better and Brighter. Everything eventually adds up to a Big Fantastic Story. Those who Quit are those who Lose.
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