Today's Motivational - Reminder: It's Human to not Feel Like Dancing 24/7

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In honor of "World Emoji Day":

emojis copy.jpg

Leave me a comment with how you are feeling today with an emoji. If you can't use an emoji, you can vent and let me know how you are feeling with just one or two words! :) I'll try to reply back as soon as possible!

Much love,

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@longming nice! Continue to have a great day!


Today i am felling not much good just felling reply me with your emoji.

Your post has been great. Because of the post I realized that there is something like a post inside the post.

@akikur100 Yes, unfortunately, I had someone that stole a recipe post from me and now I have to take time to do those and my motivational posts because I do not want those stolen as well. It is a sad thing that people do not understand what the resteem option is for.

@colecenters Do you work today? Better get some sleep before you go in if you do!

At work now where I can get a signal. It's been a loooooong night!

@colecenters Have you all been really busy with making all the ice cream today?

They are swarming in like bees.

@colecenters On hot days, I do not like going down there because there is always too long of line for the ice cream when all we need is gas! There needs to be just one person in the summer that does nothing but fixes the ice cream! haha

Is there one for "It's been a long day"

I don't know. Maybe a yawn?

Yes. Sounds about right.

It's Wednesday! Stop with the yawns already!

!cheetah ban
Multiple plagiarism with attempts to trick cheetah by posting screenshots of text.