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In today’s post I am going to unleash my strains and deepest pains and you'll see how I'm quite insane. I will pick your brain and bring on the rain, and if there’s something inside that I want to explain.. you can be sure that I will not refrain. It is true what they say, success is made of 90% failure, and 90% of that leaves the bloodiest stains.


Life moves faster than one could ever anticipate. One moment we feel the gratification of a particular success, the next twelve moments we’re torn down by the massive chains of reality.

The question I want to know right now is how do our mentors and successful predecessors cope with all of this? How do they manage their family relationships and ties within society? What kind of a sturdy heart they possess, one that viciously combats the hard hits of life as an entrepreneur. What sort of wisdom does one compile, day after day, year after year, repeatedly eating shit and sustaining battlefield arrows headed straight for the head?



On being lonely

You’re all alone. It’s raining on a gloomy alley where you’re walking. The windows of the apartments around you are all lit, and you hear people cheering. But your heart is weeping, and nobody is hearing..
The whether’s great in the comfort zones, but mostly cloudy when you walk alone. You hope for a bright day to come your way, but you turn on the channel and it’s the same shit as yesterday.


On being broke

Your best friend is basic units of food. Your best outfit is one you care about with utmost tenderness. New shoes are a luxury. Fancy dates are a dream. Raising a family is close to impossible. You can’t afford shit - you will probably wind up working your butt off for the rest of your life and remaining where you were last year, and the year before that.
You'll keep on tasting lowest days and never change your silly ways. And just when clouds present the rays, the lakes dry up, your pocket's drained.


On the girl/guy you like

Your crush is truly out of reach, you realize this, you're out of speech. You connect with a group on a starlit night, only to see her cruise around in another’s guy’s car the next day. Whatever happened to your standards. They’ve dropped significantly, is that the best you could do?
You dreamt the dream and heard her moan, yet still you walk each night alone.


On biz dev (growing your business)

Most of em’ won’t reply to your emails. Most of em’ won’t take your calls or seem appeased by your pitch. Nobody fucking cares about you or your business…when will you understand? You have not brought enough value to the marketplace. You are not sufficient enough in sales and marketing. You have not mastered all the nooks and crannies of your industry. And even if you have, who are you to think you’d be successful in this in the first place.. Might as well give up while you can and get a nice high paying job, at least you’ll be able to get promoted.

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On family

You’re a joke to them. Some of them will help, some of them won’t even care. But they all see you as a joke. It’s okay, the ones who care are praying for you. But don’t you dare think that they’re proud of you! I mean, what sort of income have you netted this year? Your younger undergrad cousin seems to be on a better path than you are. What could you possibly be doing with your life, burning chapters of your precious story and watching the ashes fade to nothing. Your rich uncle raises all the asses off their seats when he walks into the room but you? Barely any of them even notice that you’ve entered.

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So what did you think? Did you think that entrepreneurship would give you a good life? Did you think you’d be respected by everyone and get the girl/guy of your dreams? Did you think that you would raise kids who’d be proud of you as a parent with this lifestyle? Did you think it would give you more time to connect with yourself and the divine? Did you think that that entrepreneurship would have you partying on yachts and retiring early? You’re fucking mistaken. You’ll never get there. Even if you do, you’ll be 65 before you achieve anything significant.


Now I’m not sure who that was, talking up there.. But it certainly wasn’t me. It was an individual voice of consequence that we all hear when we feel like perhaps we haven’t made the right decisions. It is the cold blizzard of reality, the quick-sands of failure.

Here I am, home alone on Steemit, with a cigarette burning on the ashtray. Tonight is rough. Nights like tonight happen. But tomorrows bring new opportunities. They bring new ways of doing things just a tad bit different, a tad bit better.

If you can relate, I commend you for being a warrior and fighting through your lows, as I am in mine. I highly appreciate your time here with me today. I would ask for you to bookmark this post and share it with any entrepreneur who gets beat down by life. When that day comes, I will be here to help that person get through it.

Thank you for reading.


NOTE: Please acknowledge that this post exaggerates the emotional aspect about the way I feel today as an entrepreneur. The climb to success sure is bumpy, but we need those rocks on the mountain in order to condition our muscles to master mountain climbing.....

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That hits deep man, with much to relate to.

I've dropped out and got a job as a learning experience in the hope to step forward again. Still reflecting on past ventures and how to bounce back one day!

Upvote n resteem


You gotta stick to it and remember why you chose to do that in the first place. I'm sure you've come across many valuable experiences, they really never end. What are you most happy about today?

I'm rootin' for ya man, stay determined. :)


Thanks :)

I'm most happy about how much I've learnt that I needed to learn from the job I have and how much my drawing skills have come on

All valuable skills to step forward in times to come


Indeed. I checked out your drawing, you're doing great Nath!

Nicely written sir, actually that's where I am ! Reading you helped me to put words on some of my thoughts

Luckily there's still hope, and there will always be hope as there is an infinity of choices in front of us !

Sometimes, you need a little problem or two, or life would be too easy haha !


Thanks for reading fam! I'm glad you were able to connect with the post on some level. Unfortunately many people lack in the hope factor, we are truly blessed for ours!

Pretty much nailed it. Cheers :))

Keep going! I can relate to some of this too ~


Thanks a lot :)

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