Where did our Clothes go

in motivation •  3 months ago

The innocent on their eyes
there it hides
the ambition in having tomorrow
may turn as different and narrow

they grow in a genuine soul
stained by reality
and got nothing to protect them
like an eye of a vampire , it cannot be seamed

running naked in this world
seeking attention with lies and expectations
dressed in white or black
nothing can fill caused always lack

to the eyes of our future
be strong not to touch any of this poison
cause maybe someday it will release
a venom that could affect yours please

Nothing may seem different from today
but I know this people will stand
according to their voice and not by height
the future is our hope and they have the sight

To the roots of today have been in prison
and may teach us somewhat a moral from visions
that could plead our suffering devotion
It is not to late for an end, Lets begin our procession.
[email protected]https://pixabay.com/photos/kids-black-and-white-photography-1442924/

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