The 'Weird' Sign

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It is quite ironical to see the number of college students who are struggling so hard to meet up with the demands of their study programs. Most of these students love their programs but it gets so difficult to cope with the demands that so many end up quitting. Some even go down the road of doubting themselves and asking questions like:

Am I really good at this?
Is this the right program for me?
Did I make a mistake in choosing this path? etc

Even though deep down they feel this is what they're good at, there is still that doubt within that makes them think maybe they're just not good enough in the particular aspect or program as they think. This can be true in some cases where students pick the wrong course and with no love for the program or course are struggling really badly to go through. Such students can be advised to change their programs and do what they really love. But, if a student is struggling in a program but somewhere deep down they still think that's their passion, then quitting or switching courses is not the answer for such a person.

The fact that you chose what you love and are passionate about in college does not mean it will be easy. A smooth ride is not guaranteed even if you are so passionate about the said program. You will encounter difficulties and it is such difficulties and challenges that spark up your development in that program. It brings out the desire for you to acknowledge that there is a lot to learn and pushes you all the way. But, if your course is just so easy and smooth that you don't face any challenges, you might do very well but at the end, you will realise there was a lot of untapped potential in you.

Nothing good they say comes easy and while I was thinking about this, I realized that as weird as it may sound, "difficulty" is sometimes a sign that you're in the right program and not the wrong one. It might just be a sign that you're in something really great and it needs the best out of you. You need to put in your best, work harder, make connections that encourage learning and not spend time doubting yourself. I mean, ask any successful medical doctor, lawyer, engineer etc what life in college/University was like and none of them will tell you it was a bed of roses.

The road to success is difficult and only the strong can stand the challenges. If you must be great at that thing you love, you must stand up and face the challenges that comes with it. You must be willing to pay the needed price to be able to enjoy the benefits tomorrow. One important thing you must also consider is your motivation. If you must make it down that difficult road, you must have something that drives you, pushes you and gives you strength to keep going. It could be your passion for it, family, a loved one etc. Without motivation, there will be no need to continue and for a college student, this only means one thing.

The number of college dropouts is about to increase by one.


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