Happy New Year Poor Steemians ;p

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I hope all is well and everybody found a way to deal with the bad crypto rates. Not that i care much about that. I didn't join the STEEM blockchain for the money, i didn't jump on that hypetrain.

The decentralized technology behind steem is what makes it relevant. Recently we witnessed the "tumblrcalypse" when tumblr just decided to remove all adult content. For creators in my niche it was a hard cut. It wasn't a big surprise to me personally, commercial platforms censor all of the time, but that's another story.

I will keep my profile on the steem blockchain open, because i have the hope that it will rise again after a while. It still takes time. Anyway, as long as you steemians only care about quick money and not about high quality content, nothing will change to the better.

In 2019 i will fully concentrate on my own blog and websites. Just like in the good old times before the social media madness ;)

Unfortunately, the future of the free (speech) internet is very uncertain. With upload filters coming, artists like me need a cozy hideout from where they can watch all the unpredictable changes and discover new ways to reach an audience.

Be save everybody, be successful, have fun. Never stop creating ;)

Hope to see you soon, you know where to find me.

I'm creating ORIGINAL and FREE digital erotic art (3DX).

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Hiya! I'm new to the site- what's happened? Have they stopped adult content?

Sorry for my late response. All is good, i'm talking about tumblr.com. As far as i know nsfw is still allowed here on steemit.

Relax and enjoy :)

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