Try Not to Become a Man of Success

in motivation •  last year

I’m back from my vacation and ready to post at my regular schedule. I will try to post about my vacation in Florida in the coming days.

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Welcome back !! Success we will all reach at one point , we should be a man of respect and value , when we reach success we aren't the same , we do not value everyone the same way . A lot of people change with success . When we are nothing , we seem to value everything much more


Nicely stated. It is good to achieve success but it is better to have respect and provide value to others.


Yes, even if we reach that successful point we should not change our values or morals , that does not make you successful at all then

Welcome back for your vacation. Am sure you had loads of fun. Good to have you back. Always love the value you create here on steemit through the inspiring quotes you always share. Resteemed


Glad to be back and thank you for the very nice comment:)

i will definitely try to set an example by becoming a man of Values first rather than to become a man just of Success having values is my top most Priority.


By providing values to others, you will be viewed as a successful person:)

Wonderful message to be honest simply having values in life is what matters the most you may be tested in the hardest of times but those who keeps the values within him is the Man of the Legacy to be remembered


Yes, having values in life is what matters.

Values are definitely a integral part of any human life if one does not have that there is no point of having success in life,
BTW great to know that you are back will be looking forward to your trip posts


Yes, success without providing value to others is just selfish.

Yes....this is 100% true my dear friend @greatpath
We always try becomes to success our future goals...but...we forget our social values...
Yes...we want success our life...but we always try protect our social values ... relationships.... and our nature...
Wel done and great valuble morvation idea from @greatpath
Welcome back friend...happy steeming...
Keep it up post..
Upvoted and resteemed...


Yes, we should not just be selfish but also provide social values.


Yes....totaly agree with you my dear friend @greatpath
And we always try protect and respect our customs and formalities....
Thank you again....

I have certain become a person of value :-)
Can't care less about success.
It is not a measure of success to successful in profoundly sick society :-)


Agree, providing value is more important.

nice videos and good post,thanks for share,upvote and follow pleas follow me back
thank you


Thanks for the upvote and follow.

Welcome back from your vacation. Hw was it?


Thanks for asking about my vacation. Disney World was fun and the beach was relaxing. The only part I did not enjoy was the 14 hours drive between Maryland and Florida and the long lines at Disney. I hope to do some vacation posts in the future. It will take sometime to organize and edit the videos.


Ok. I will be expecting it. But i tot you went by plane?


We chose to drive because we wanted to bring lots of items with us. Plus, we don't have to rent a car in Florida.


Ok. I understand. Welcome again.

That very true and right for all of us having values in us is more important than getting behind success blindly


Providing value is a less selfish attitude.

Persue excellence and success will follow pants down- Rancho


Nice quote.

That is why the The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.


:) how was your vacation you must tired a little bit


The driving part was tiring but not too bad. We took 2 days to drive from Maryland to Florida. So, it only took 7 hours of drive time each day and I split the drive time with my wife. Total driving time per person a day is 3.5 hours which is not too bad.

Everyone focuses on being Successful but Nobody thinks of getting some value of their own. Nice Post @greatpath.


Thanks for your comment and liking the post.

Interesting @greapath. I did not know dis. Food for thought for me.

I am certain that if you live life with personal integrity in focus you will become a much happier person.

But to do just that, you need to figure out the values that define YOU. Live your life according to your inner values and you will no doubt become a man of success!


Wow great video for motivation..


Thanks for liking the video.

Sir. Einstein also gave a very valuable gift to the world.. It's physics.. i was so lucky to study about his philosophy..
Thanks for sharing his honourable words @greatpath..
Upvoted and resteemed..

welcome back! Success is linked to patience but it also depends on much goodwill.
thank you for sharing

so true! man of value than man of success.

When we have a value, we could be successful in life :D

Values over success any time! Keep to yourself and success will come in its own way :)

and i hope that also comes with succes?

Welcome back and thank you very much for sharing this valuable video with us..
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Great Advice to keep with you always values are important so become a man of true value than to become a man of Success Thanks for sharing this great video
its an honor to find you here on steemit.

Attempts to succeed are required.
upvote and resteem

Great quote and nice video. An example of good value :)

Having values in our life is so important! So who will evaluate our value?

Great speech from Albert! The man of value is everything!

Thanks for sharing