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in motivation •  last year

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very true quote .. but if you work very hard you can achieve more ..really like this quote ..thanks to provide this wonderful thought

even today some of them still thinking the moon explorations was a fiction. but most of them took further steps and plans to go Mars today, So if you set primary goals there is always secondary and third goals as well. but the goals are never ending destination. but we have to set it one by one to achieve. this is the plan and we should have to work with it. great inspiration video by @greatpath. good luck to you

nice quote @greatpath, well this quotes means alot the basic theme is that most peoples limited themselves to their own imaginations but you can always achieve more then what you are imagine. thanks for sharing


Yes, the only limit is what we impose on ourselves.

Absolutely right my dear friend @greatpath
I think "moon" is like small dot in our galaxy...
But actually....I cant understand correctly this great qoute...
Thank you so much sharing this post...
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"The sky's the limit" is a common phrase people use to say there is no limitation. However, by stating there are footprints on the moon already we humans have achieved beyond our limits.

Very wise thought why should we think just for the sky when the universe is full of opportunities we should try our best to achieve the achievable


Yes, we should think bigger.

Footprints on the moon is a live example that if we are determine towards something we can achieve that one day infact the humans have tremendouly achieved a lot with their hard work and we all are pushing the boundaries which is trying to limit us whether it is in any field we are continuosuly evolving and that is a good sign :) Thanks for sharing this Incredible message through your video !


Yes, why think the sky's the limit when we have been to the moon already:)

@greatpath - Yes that is really very true quote Sire. Actually, we should never underestimate our capability. And we should always think positive. Thank you very much for sharing your idea with us.Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post Sire.

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Yes, we underestimate our capability too much.

i will try to not think just limited to the sky but will try to push myself towards the extreme possibilities that lies within me that always challenges me thank you @greatpath for your excellent advice :)


Yes, push yourself towards the extreme possibilities and beyond.

The sky is the starting point. Gad damit. You are very correct greatpath. Hahahahahaha. A strong inspiration for me today because am going through a lot. Thank you.


Always aspire to reach further:)

a very nice message by Paul brandt we should not limit our-self from excelling towards something we should break any limits and go beyond further !!


Thank you for that excellent quote.

It's all about our mental understanding, whether we think that this is it, it is my limit, I can;t do anything about it, or we think globally, we see the potential and are not afraid to try something new.


Yes, it's all mental. If we believe we can then we can.

Brilliant inspiration@greatpath..😊
We can be limited in our hand.. But no one can limited our imagination.. You inspired me with great words..🤗
Upvoted for you..👍👌

The number of ways you can live in one lifetime is limitless. So why limit yourself? The sky is NOT the limit. Beyond the universe is.


Thank you for the wonderful quote, "The sky is NOT the limit. Beyond the universe is."

Just made my day with this , and you're absolutely correct , the sky is the beginning or anything new , there's so much above and beyond .
To infinity and beyond !!

If we limit ourself to the skies , how will we ever know what is beyond that? The heavens are above all odds


How far we can achieve is only limited by what we believe we can achieve:)

The limit in itself is limitless and its in fact depends upon you think and how you perceive....and sky is not the limit and in fact the limit is beyond that...

Nice inspiration by @greatpath......thank you...

steem on ....stay blissful......


Yes, the limit is imposed by ourselves.

i guess its saying they dont want other people telling them what their own limit is.For example, if i told you that you were only capable of making B's and C's when you knew that you could do better than what i told you , you could do. Upvoted and followed


Yes, train your mind to believe you can achieve better.

Dear @greatpath
Definitely............ No limits ...... No boundaries to most things.............
specially though it is unseen.
Up-voted and resteemed.

Hey, shoot for the stars and if you only reach the moon, it ain't that bad! :)


Yes, reach higher than your goal and you will reach your goal and maybe beyond it.

These Special word's truly left a Impact on my life today great thinking to think beyond the sky limits and what a nice interpretation of already reaching the moon we should seek further and beyond our imaginations

OMG friend! That would be a very powerful quote! Yeah a powerful inspirational quote! Actually I didn't hear this before! Really appreciate your work! Thanks for sharing with us!

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The limit is society. And although one can arise only is attitude question. There are only a few cases, of proesses being boys.

amigo #resteemia at your service

that's a billion dollar quote. nice you shared it @greatpath

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"I came, I saw, I won," there are situations when you have to act only so that they do not speak, you need to respect yourself and then you will be able to respect others. Thank you for the video :)

Great motivational video @greatpath! Yes, I do believe the sky is not the limit :D because we can even go beyond the sky! Nothing is impossible!

True saying @greatpath If your ambition is high you can do anything.

We shouldn't be limited to our own imagination!

nice quote .. depends on one it self to believe first.

Nice video @greatpath.. Thankyou for sharing

The ground is the limit 😆

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I am becoming emotional.

For the general public the sky is the limit. In the year 2250 the moon might be the limit. But the limit is the imagination and possibility's presenting themself.

thanku sooo much for the biggest motivation my friend <3 great advice :) as always " *** I Like to Reward Good Comments *** " thats soo nice of you thats from my thinking :) " care for others others will care for you " :)

Deep thinking bro......amazing quote@greatpath

Great video and valuable advice.