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Do you need a friend, like someone to pour your heart to who understands what it feels like with you inside? How does it makes you feel to think that you trust someone and open up to them and they let you down. Sad and disappointing i suppose.

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This is a new week and a new month. You must do things differently to have a better reault. Change your close friends to one that really has your back. He is always there to direct you and give good judgement/counsel. He is one that sticks closer than a brother. He loves completely without judging you in any way whatsoever.

Many people think they know him or do not need him. But a closer relationship with him will make all the difference you need in your life. Accepting Jesus into your heart is the starting point and receiving the Holy spirit to dwell in you is the best thing you could ever need. You do not have to shout when you want to talk to him or to hear you. He is inside you to make a difference in your life. You carry him everywhere you go. With that conciousness you would have a better view at life and the things around you.

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To know more on how he operates and be the light that illuminates your path, you need to study the word from the Bible. There you will know how he wants you to share your life with him. Life is more spiritual than it is physical. Spend time to pray and speak to God by His spirit that lives in you. He wants you saved, healed and prosperous more than you want yourself.

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The search for freedom many are looking for are not far from them. It is not in money or riches but righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Live life to the full in God.


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