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In Nigeria and in some other parts of the world. The month of September marks the begining of the "EMBER" months and it comes with its own atmosphere as everyone starts preparing for the holiday season to celebrate Christmas and the new year with loved ones, friends and families.

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Many businesses spring up so as to make some good cash before the end of the year. Some start counting their gains and losses before the end of the year. They try to meet up so to speak. As though they are in a competitive race with someone or an imaginary fellow. This has made so many to do the wrong things and got themselves into trouble, wanting to impress whoever it might be.

The effect of this is such that it can positively or negatively impact on the individual and his family. If at this point desperation sets in to make a mark before the end of the year, you should exercise some caution and be sure of your adventure.

On the other hand, If there was a plan at the begining of the year, it is a good time to evaluate and take stock of your progress thus far. It is best to stay on course at this point as there are situations that would come to challenge your plan. To compete for your time, money and commitments to distract you from achieving your set goals and targets.

Know where you are
At this point, before you take the next positive step, know where you are by taking stock of your achievements so far and have a set target for the next few momths and break it down to weekly and daily targets. This gives you a clearer and definit path to follow.

Get the right personnel
The carrier of a vision knows best how he wants to achieve his dream. It can be interpreted wrongly to someone who might go off course. But you still have the opportunity to make it right. Surround yourself with those who see things from your perspective. Those who will run with your vision. It makes the journey faster and more interesting. You achieve more within a shorter time.

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Get your budget right
Money answers all things but you need to use it for the right things. Be specific in your budgets and prioritize things and not putting the Cart before the horse. This ensures your step by step progess and cut out waste of funds.

Get to work
This is not the time to sit around and be hopping. You need to take actions in the right directions. Don't wait for your subordinates to take the initial steps. Lead by example. In that way you will stay on top of your game and be in charge. Seek knowledge and make the right calls always.

You would never know how much potentials you have until you get busy in the right direction. Never give up on your dreams even when the resuls are not pleasant. When you fail, you have only discovered another way not to go about it.

Set your gaze on the prize and overcome the obstacles as you move along. This year will end in praise for you. Remember it is God that causes the increase, he blesses the works of our hands.

I am @gloeze.


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