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When you set your mind to do something good, to achieve a goal for a good course. You find that there are certain distractions that come to make you loose your focus.

Even when you've done your homework in preparation for it with necessary funds ro execute your plans. These external setbacks or distractions are only a test you must pass. In such a situation there is need to apply wisdom in the decisions you make. But bear it in mind that distractions are meant to either slow you down or prevent you from achieving your set goals.

Circumstances differ for different people so to be sure you curtail that distraction, have a mindset ro either overlook it and probably havebad name or minimize its weight on you and still get along with your project.

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It is not as easy as it seems though but you will get past it. Just keep your focus on that project in mind. No matter how long it takes to accomplish it. You owe it to yourself to get it done. Excuses are meant for failures and not for achievers.

Despite the challenges when all goes well, those that were the agents of the distractions will be the first to celebrate you and mock you when things go down side.

When there is a determining will the way will become clearer.

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