Watch Out!

in #motivation2 years ago


Actions speaks louder than words, they say. It can't be nothing but the truth. Have you ever heard people say "Silence is golden when you can't think of an answer?" Or "Silence speaks louder than any word could?". Silence is an action.

A lot of people don't watch out for other people's actions. Most people are sensitive and because they are sensitive, they weigh words more than others.

Some people are observant. They observe and watch your every action just to see if they match up with their words. Careless people are not bothered and they act anyhow without minding whose ox is gored.

Most people won't tell you how they feel about you but what how they act around you and even when you are not there, you can hear what is being passed around. How they act is what they truly feel about you. Ignore the eye service. Forget what they say when you are nearby and watch out for the actions.

What do you do with the actions? Oh well! It helps you to know those who are in your circle and those who are not. It helps you to know those you need to sweat on and those you need to keep at arms length. You don't have to hate anyone to keep them where they belong. Watch it before the hate in your heart consume you too.

I am a sensitive person. I observe even if you don't see me say much but when I finally say that much, you would marvel at how much I have seen over time. I solve puzzles and put pieces together and that is how my brain works sometimes.

Just decided to share this because most people expend their energies unnecessarily on the wrong people and spend their whole lives hating and in bitterness. Always go to where you are celebrated and not where you are tolerated, a very intelligent man told me.

Most people won't tell you how you feel, but they will show you. Watch it closely. God is the only One you should ever depend on and He will work all things out for you.

Have a blessed day.