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As much as we might not like to think about it, rejecting or being rejected isn't what hurt us but the expectations we placed on those people, thinking we would always be accepted and considered.

In life, it is okay to have expectation and there is a place for us making it a realistic ones too. As long as human beings are concerned, nothing is really certain. Every man is busy tending their own fields.

It's okay to be rejected. Not everyone would like you anyway. If everyone likes you, then there is a big problem. Either you are compromising your stand a lot or they are not being real with you.

Rejection isn't what hurt but the expectations we have of those that rejected us. Lying doesn't kill too but denial does and in a big way. Being denied by those you have placed high expectations on can make anyone think the worst of themselves and think life isn't worth living.

We can't go back to change the past and we all have ways by which we heal. Forgetting doesn't heal us, rather we suppress the pains and hope it goes away, only for it to make us into a time bomb, ready to explode when similar situations arises or we are reminded of it. Forgiving does the healing.

Forgiving doesn't mean you have forgotten, but it means you have gotten to a point where remembering it doesn't hurt you as much, anymore.

You can live with losing the good fight but you cannot live with not fighting it.

Let go and let God!

Have a great night.


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My night is made! Thank you for this. Wow.