You Can Still Become A Better Version Of You.Make Good Use Of Every Opportunity You Get While You Still Have The Strenght.

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Amongst the things I have observed among young men and women in this generation is in their ability to easily give up on themselves, to easily give up on their dreams and feel that all hope is lost.

Our young and feeble minds make us believe that whenever we try something out and it does not just work out, then we should sit back and relax about it, some people even come to a conclusion that it means it is not their way.

The truth will always remain that the fact that you tried and failed does not make you in any way a failure, the only thing that has the power to make you a failure is your self and that is in your refusal to try again.

Dear friend, the only time you have the opportunity to do things is when you are still strong and young, take advantage of every opportunity around you now that you can, build yourself an empire and make your self a better person day by day.

The People Who Rule In Our Generation.

The people who rule the world in our age are the people who have worked tirelessly, who took advantage of the opportunities around them, who could sacrifice their sleep, who could decide to make important use of time, those who were determined to have their names written on the history of time, those who were determined never to be forgotten and who will work and work even while their mates played around, who were ready to make a difference. They are also people who have failed, but they have tried again, they have failed on countless occasions but they decided to try again and now they have become what they are.

What do you think have happened to those who tried a business and because it did not do well, they decided to sell off the building and they got themselves a government job where they have to work tirelessly without having anything tangible to show. Where they do not get paid for two months of working, where they spend their entire salary even before it comes, they realize that they cannot live a good life or even give it to their children, just because they failed to try again.

My friend, thank goodness we are still young, if there is one thing that gets me excited is the fact that I have gotten an opportunity as a young man to write my name on the footprints of time, and I am ready to give all that it takes to do that, but what about you my friend, what will you have to show to your children when they come: is it the way you have decided to spend every little penny that comes, is it the way you have decided to make yourself an object of mockery by just going around every lady you meet, or by just getting drunk and waking up in gutters?

What will your children know you for, will they be proud to say this is my father or mother even without being asked, or will your children proclaim your death even while you are still alive because you are just a total disgrace to them.
I will round up with this short story: there was a man who always took his little daughter to school every day before he goes to work, they always board a motorcycle (what we call Okada here) and he will drop her off and get to his workplace.

One day the daughter looked at her father and she said to him, Daddy all my friend's father come to drop them off at school in their cars, why do you have to bring me to school on a motorcycle, and when they were buying their cars, daddy what were you doing at that time?
The man was totally speechless, these generation of Children are very wise, so if you do not want your children to ask you such questions, you have to get wise and act now.

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This is great, very inspiring. What a good way to start the week. My strength coupled with my resolution will uplift and trigger me to achieve my potentials. Thanks for this. I'm not giving up

Thanks for the inspiration @gbenga

Achieving a goal is a wildly exhilarating thing. If we flirting with the idea of giving up, we could be throwing away something wonderful

Be Wise!!!!!

The story has a lot to teach. Thanks for sharing this.

To be very honest sir, am so so encouraged with this post, with it the fire to be among those ruling in the generation is refired again.... Thanks one more time sir

Life is all about balance, some negativity is justified to help prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Balance is all we should be after Of course in life we should always prepare for eventualities and that involves considering both the positive and negative things that could happen. But focusing on the negative more than the positive is not a good thing.

Recently, I learnt a lesson which seems to be my strength up to this moment

I often tell people that the quote:

opportunity come but once not a good quote to me.

There are opportunities everywhere at every time, but an ordinary eyes cannot see it. There are hundreds of opportunities in us, but we often missed them with our attitude of not willing to take a grab

Ideas in us are chances we've been waiting for.

  • Take a step towards that idea.

  • Implement it, even if it seems senseless.

The unwillingness to take a risk, takes away opportunities from us.

build yourself an empire and make your self a better person day by day.

I liked this line, if not for yourself, do it it for your unborn children. No child deserves to come into this world to meet suffering.
Like my favorite book says; "

The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

In other words everyone has the same gift of time, and opportunities comes to everyone, it's what you do with the aforementioned that matters. You have no excuse for failure, you have all it takes to create a life of influence, wealth and impart. Don't defer it, start creating that life today.

Thanks for sharing @gbenga

Great writing boss @gbenga
Very effective motivation writing....

And you are right, I am agree with you that o if we do not want our children to ask you those questions, we have to get wise and act now.

Absolutely right point....nice concept

This is very motivational. The current situation of the society regarding we youths have shown that people have capitulate to failure. Individuals do not belief in their ability to make a change that is why people have resorted to scams and other illegal means. Even scamming requires time (planning) and effort (dedication) to succeed. That time spent on searching for who to beguile can been converted into a creative venture that solve a problem and meet a need in exchange for income.

I feel very bad that the increasing rate of scam in the country is almost doubling the rate of entrepreneurial venture created.

I second your opinion, new generation has less patience

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