HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED – quit sabotaging your goals

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There are a few common mistakes we make that kill our motivation and sabotage our goals. Thankfully, these mistakes are fixable. With a change in mindset, you can take back control of your life. 

the problem: short term pleasures 

the solution: remind yourself of what you're sacrificing for

Maybe you'd rather order a pizza than cook a healthy meal. Maybe you'd rather watch TV than work on your side hustle. These habits give short term satisfaction at the expense of your long term goals. It's time to break the habit.   

Next time you feel tempted to break your productive streak, visualize your end game. Do you wanna get a fit? Then picture yourself fit – lean, defined muscles, high energy. You have the potential to look so much better than you do right now. It's up to you to chase that potential.   

If you're craving something sweet, remember the feeling you had the last time you gave it 100% No cake can compare with the satisfaction and confidence that brings.

To help keep your goals in mind, put up picture reminders around the house. Keep some fitness pictures near the fridge. Make a motivational quote your laptop background. Next time you go to netflix you'll be forced to think about that goal.    


the problem: working hard but not seeing results  

the solution: see it as an obstacle rather than a permanent block

It's easy to lose faith when the hard work you're putting in isn't paying off. Maybe you've been working out consistently for weeks but your body looks the same. Or maybe you've been putting effort into a business that isn't taking off. This does not mean you aren't cut out for it. You CAN achieve your goals and you WILL. All this means is that you have to switch up your game. 

There is value in consistency, but there is also value in recognizing when something isn't working for you. Do your research – what is working for other people?  What value are you bringing to the table? Keep tweaking your technique and take note of what works and what doesn't.

And remember - your work has not been a waste of time. It is preparing and educating you for the next opportunity. You are a smarter person because of it.   
Another thing to ask yourself – are you really giving it your 100%?  

You can't leave any room for excuses. Write down exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals, and do it. For example if you want to get in shape your list might look like:    

  • hit the gym 4-5 times a week 
  • cut out junk food   
  • track your caloric intake   
  • get 8 hours of sleep 
  • limit alcohol consumption to once per week (or preferably none)   

Review with yourself weekly to make sure you're checking off everything from that list.   

the problem: feeling depressed / not believing in yourself 

the solution: channel your negative energy   

Depression and insecurity are two of the biggest mental blocks when trying to push yourself to the next level in life. They can kill your motivation and keep you trapped in your old routine. Unfortunately, these aren't going to get any better until you make a change in your life. But until then, you can channel that negative headspace into something productive.   

Take a second to consider that emotions are connected to different levels of energy – high or low. Feeling relaxed is low energy. Feeling content is low energy. Feeling excited is high energy.   

The same goes for energy on the negative spectrum.

Depression is low energy. Negative self talk is low energy. But anger... now that is high energy. And it is from high energy that shit gets done.   

Take the steps necessary to ramp up your energy. Go on youtube and watch a motivational video. Listen to music that pumps you up. Turn your sadness into anger. Bring out the monster within you.   

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