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The problem with waiting until tomorrow is that when it finally arrives, it is called today. Today is yesterday's tomorrow. The question is what did we do with its opportunity? All too often we will waste tomorrow as we wasted yesterday, and as we are wasting today.

All that could have been accomplished can easily elude us, despite our intentions, until we inevitably discover that the things that might have been have slipped from our embrace a single, unused day at a time.

Each of us must pause frequently to remind ourselves that the clock is ticking. The same clock that began to tick from the moment we drew our first breath will also someday cease.

Time is the great equalizer of all mankind. It has taken away the best and the worst of us without regard for either. Time offers opportunity but demands a sense of urgency.

When the game of life is finally over, there is no second chance to correct our errors. The clock that is ticking away the moments of our lives does not care about winners and losers. It does not care about who succeeds or who fails. It does not care about excuses, fairness or equality. The only essential issue is how we played the game.

Regardless of a person's current age, there is a sense of urgency that should drive them into action now - this very moment. We should be constantly aware of the value of each and every moment of our lives - moments that seem so insignificant that their loss often goes unnoticed.

We still have all the time we need. We still have lots of chances - lots of opportunities - lots of years to show what we can do. For most of us, there will be a tomorrow, a next week, a next month, and a next year. But unless we develop a sense of urgency, those brief windows of time will be sadly wasted, as were the weeks and months and years before them.

There isn't an endless supply!

So as you think of your dreams and goals of your future tomorrow, begin today to take those very important first steps to making them all come to life.

To Your Success,
Jim Rohn


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Those who talk about past are dealing with things that can't be changed. It is waste of energy quite irrationally as any selfaware individual know past can only be discussed and not modified. There are also people who talk about tommorow but in not very presperous way such as :tommorow I can is so so tommorow will be better. Rationally you only live in the moment, past has its use in a way to see what we did wrong or well thats it. Future uses only to say I will be productive tommorow or next weeks like I was today or even upgrade on things i did today. For me this is the way how to look on past present and future. Thanks for the nice post sir!

Whaoooo. I love this. Thanks for sharing.

Good talk

Nice writeup,procrastination is a thief of time and an impediment to a success bound destiny.Eat the frog NOW

I like this!!

Motivating post

Tomorrow might be too late

Awesome write up

Great and enlightening

Hmmmm today is actually yesterdays's tomorrow

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