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Something I want to touch on quickly today...food choices - based on how society makes us think we need to eat. Aren't we supposed to only eat fruits, vegetables, lean meats... I mean a cup of white rice? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Just kidding 😊

Here's what I want to touch on: what society labels as 'good' and 'bad' life choices.

I don't know about you, but some days I just want to curl up on my couch with a pint of Ben & Jerrys, binge-watch Netflix & and a bottle of wine. Some days I want to eat my vegetables, meditate and go to yoga.

And you know what?? BOTH are equally FINE. Society leads us to believe in order to be successful, happy and thriving we have to have all our shit together and be perfect 24/7. Well I say fuck that, I #DoWhatIWant because I'm the only person that knows how to make me happy!

And isn't that the point of life?!
To be totally content with the choices we make?

So don't label your choices as good or bad, just DO YA DAMN THING!!!!




Get you some halo top ice creams with your wine, and you get the best of both worlds!

I STILL have not tried it..partly because it's hard to find where I live. I'll make it happen soon and let you know 😊 Usually I have Arctic 0

Love this message! We make ourselves victims of the false premise of "duality", good and bad. Sometimes things just ARE, and that's how it should be! Upvoting for your consistently great content! :)

Thank you so much! Yes we need to let the things around us just be - we can't control so much.

That's really a great message. Practical considerations are far more important than theoretical, and it is of utmost importance to destress and enjoy life sometimes. While studies show this or that about diet, those studies never consider the stress of always maintaining a rigorous approach to diet.

Sometimes food is just fun, and that's a good thing!

Speaking of fun, are you two-fisting a Mint Julep and a Jack and Coke? 0_o Girl, we gotta party sometime =D

Yes, you are absolutely right!! Thank you so much for commenting. Food is fun and can be fun - people don't need to view it as good/bad because food isn't good or bad. It all has some benefits somehow - balance.

Haha I was having a mojito & fruity drink..definitely doubling up 😎