hope it's still there as long as you want to have it

in motivation •  2 years ago 

You will succeed, and what you do will not end nil, do I still have hope?
Realize that the world continues to spin endlessly, and the time will be wasted if you just wait, the seconds keep ticking, the minute keeps going, the times keep changing, even if you fall down, receive a lot of nagging, your spirit should not die, all you have to do is focus on looking ahead, and step forward with courage, opponents of sadness in hope, foe opponents with preparation, opponent failure with perseverance, your heart must stay strong, and believe me the opportunity always comes to people who have intentions, whatever happens you must stay, and always include a god, never give up, do not ever be angry, lau become resigned, because it WILL BE BEAUTIFUL TIME., do your part as well, because when you keep moving, slowly you will realize, that all that can be reached with belief, do you still have hope?
yes you masi have hope.

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