Frustrated mind....

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The system has refuse to show mercy, the system refuse to speak kindness, and judgement is not far from the product of the system. Each day is just another day to survive. Though we thought the economy was bad but it wasn't bad for all. The suppose national cake that ought to bring development to the country has bring backwardness and retardation.


We look rugged but our minds are now getting weak and feeble. Most suicide was as a result of a depressed mind which can't be controlled again. Instead of plenty and abundant, most citizens constantly sings about debt owned. They live in the constant fear of their creditors knocking anytime. We become a tenant in our own house, we are now sacred of walking on the street because of constant embarrassment. At time we conclude in our heart that death my solve the problems but we still love life.

Waking up each day and thinking of how to spend the day is an headache that has no cure. The genesis of frustration is not from an hunger mind rather it from a depressed soul. When you are presented with life and has no life insurance goodies even with all efforts to be relevant.

Night time is a period that is meant for the brain to relax and be refreshed rather most night are now full of lamentations. People find it difficult to sleep in peace, more worries trouble then on their bed. Yet, we remain slave in our own abundant vineyard.

A frustrated mind never sleeps and always end up having a short life

Anyone can be a victim of a frustrated life


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You are absolutely right brother, frustration has the power to kill very fast oo. I hope you are not frustrated if you are come and play with me oo, you know where we meet.
People who are frustrated die very fast and I am not ready to loose you yet, abaundance is our portion by God grace.

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