Truth, are you ready?

in #motivation3 years ago
I want to start by revealing an unfortunate truth ...


"We have been educated to lie"

That is the reality, for that reason many of us underestimate the truth, we consider it subjective. But the truth is nothing more than the affirmation of reality.

In many cases we resist accepting it, but we must go further. The truth is something positive, it is what balances us, it is how we value our lives, it is what establishes what is right and what we should improve in our lives.

Respect is not lying, respect is being honest and congruent and that is achieved with the truth, although in many cases it hurts, it is harsh and overwhelming. The truth is what frees us and makes us better, both when we say it or when we should recognize it.

Not to tell the truth, many times we are so separated from someone despite being together and relationships should always be close, we can’t disguise or make up a relationship with justifications or appreciations that adorn the fact of not recognizing the truth.