Episode 2: Keeping it real with New Year’s Resolutions.

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This year do you have a New Year’s resolution that’s worth making?

If you’re listening to this it means you’ve survived Christmas, perhaps even enjoyed it.

And now as most people are focusing on what’s next, stats on New Year’s resolutions are horrific, especially health and fitness ones.

With my online wellness centre, keeping it real, remaining honest with ourselves as we experience real life provides the best chance of achieving any goal.

Real life is when we have kids to nurture, parents to care for, sickness to deal with, unforeseen events to handle with pressures and stresses of obligations to maintain.

Life is rarely perfect and that’s real like human nature isn’t it, no wonder most fitness resolutions fail.

With unrealistic goals, deadlines and expectations at times we’re not helping ourselves.
We’re rarely calm, at peace and in control especially when we really need to me.

Real human lives are messy and complicated. Real human lives are unpredictable. When we learn to accept this it begins to work in our favour.

This year, how can we keep our goals flexible, honest while keeping it real. Well it helps to plan in advance for life’s eventualities.

I’ll tell you what we can all do though is exercise whenever, wherever and whoever possible. While we’re doing that we can aim for ‘a little better’ instead of seeking perfection because it’s not about being perfect.

It’s about gradual and continuous improvement.

So don’t feel down if you missed a workout or fallen off the wagon. Realise how far you’ve come and that tomorrow you can always do better. When life gets in the way we need solid support where we can find it and accountability to keep use on track and focused. To remind us that we have daily choices that eventually transform our lives.

So consider your health and fitness goals this year.

What does a new you, the best version of you look like while keeping it real?

Do any of these insights and thoughts interest you?

Remember, you don’t have to get it “perfect”.

Make an effort, and keep showing up every day.

Thank you for reading this post because I hope it is helpful for you should you wish to keep your new years resolutions.

All my hopes and dreams are you and your success.

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