There Is No Limit For Creative Ideas In The Steemit World

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When ideas of artists, scientists, business motivators and investors are combined, we get genius projects. Steemit has its own rules that show us how to develop good communication skills and proper relationships. Western companies invest in developers in India, Pakistan, etc., there is a lot of workforce there, and the quality is on a large scale. We get a great perspective for opening new business dimensions, just need to make a team of honest people who have responsibility. Poor countries and beneficiaries have an oasis that gives them the opportunity to become financially independent, of course, it is necessary to invest time and work in order to reach the top of the success. Steemit gives us a path that guarantees success, our decision, dedication to quality work is a key link in the chain of financial freedom. It's enough to write good comments and great posts, the time is working for us because the Steem value increases and at one point one Steem will have a value of $ 100. How much will you have in your Steem account for 1 or 5 years?


If we look at the new digital world, we will see everything going about Bitcoin and digital currencies. Bitcoin is a set of codes that represent value, people have recognized the chance and a great opportunity to earn money. The development of blockchain technology speeds up transactions, reduces costs and will definitely replace paper money.
Steem is the new generation that has the fastest blockchain technology in the world, and more importantly, it's the new generation of social networking that pays its active users. We are happy because we have a historic opportunity to become very rich and to overcome poverty all over the world. A new generation of people thinks completely different, new patterns of behavior are created that bring about great changes in the way of thinking. We all have to adapt to change if we want to be in good business shape.

Knowledge is an important part of success, every day we have new information and details that we need to learn to continue our path to the top. I've seen educated people who have not achieved success, the main reason they did not have the courage to apply their knowledge in practice and to put themselves at risk. Brave people realize dreams because they learn from their mistakes, while poor people live in fear of change and are constantly in their safe zone, which is generally poor or average. Creative ideas come from people who have goals, who have a plan and strategy on how to make the best solutions. When you connect different people in the same project, then you get genius solutions that accelerate our growth, way of thinking and full success. It is my honor to learn from the best people, I read very useful information every day that stimulates my enthusiasm and strategy. Steemit main power is the quality that gives the magic formula of achieving maximum potential. Steemit is a challenge that drives us to dedicate ourselves to success every day.

Faith is the universal strength of every success. Without faith we can not do anything in our lives. Believe in yourself because it is the main force of the universe that drives enthusiasm and the power of the spirit. You are created to achieve great results, you are unique and have the potential that can conquer the whole world. Great success lies in changes in the way of thinking and habits. Change your beliefs and make emotional relationships between pain and joy.
Transformation occurs when we connect our emotions to pain, if you are obese and need to lose 10 kilograms, consider what brings thickness (health problems, unpleasant feelings in front of others, etc.)Make the decision that you will change at this time, imagine yourself with ideal weight, excellent health. Imagine yourself how you feel when you are at level 70 on Steemit ? Make your own success plan, be disciplined and you will never be poor anymore.

See you at the top
Believe in yourself @dobartim


An excellent example, my friend, and this once again proves that you need to try and believe in your success! All that we do in the end will bear fruit and everyone will someday become noticeable in our ecosystem! Thank you @dobartim

এই ক্রিকেট খেলা না দেখলে চরম মিচ করবেন।
মহামান্য রাষ্ট্রপতি আব্দুল হামিদ এর মারাত্মক হাস্য রসাত্মক বক্তব্য!
রাষ্ট্রপতি আব্দুল হামিদ কেমন মজার মানুষ একটু দেখুন, হাসবেন না কিন্ত-----???

Completely limitless sir!!
You yourself are a father or creativity!!

first, thank you so much for this piece, I sincerely appreciate. It's really encouraging. Yes! Steemit is not just a platform that one earns from post, comment and all. It's a place where you get to meet different people all over the world, it's a bond,a very strong one just like the family. We help each other grow! I'm glad I am part of this family! Thanks again sir @dobartim for sharing this piece. One love❤

I too admit the massive amount of knowledge I've picked in the one month I've been on steemit. Steemit has brought together the elite, people who are highly innovative, people who are so talented to influence change, this knowledge they share is free and we the users have adopted a lot of it to better our lives and the communities we live in.
Having the fastest blockchain technology in the world gives we the users of steemit a huge advantage to amass wealth in the near future when the prices soar to the very top. We need to hold our earnings and wait for what the future holds.. This will get us rich in the next months and become a big influence in the communities we live in.

Hi @dobartim. Being inspired by many great steemians, including you. I started my own little project. I find some great steemians who has invested their time and energy to promote steemit and to help new users. And through research in steemit and in other social media, I write posts about them highlighting their talents and telling others what they have done and doing in steemit. This weeks honorable steemian was you, so I wanted to ask your opinion about the info that I provided. You can read it in my page. I didn't wanted just to drop the link. I hope you will like my idea. God bless

Absolutely, you are very right. Steemit community is the best. 👌👌👌

Yes. Are you right Steemit has its own rules that show us how to develop good communication skills and proper relationships. Thanks sir for your nice post.

All you said is the world is a global village and the technology is improving very fast with the passage of the countries are moving towards the cryptocurrencies instead of the usual paper currencies.

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My, this is fantastic : "faith is the universal strength of every success. " Very very true. Stay on the height of genius. Thanks for sharing something so deep and so profound.

Posts that provide benefits for the future with steemit. Life Steemit!

Always success brother 👍👍🙏🙏

I agree with you completely..

This is exactly what we all new comers need here.. few words of inspiration here so that we dont give up on this.. I am trying my best to give this my best shot.. this is seriously a lifetime shot.

Nice post we believe in ourself here we can create our own world of where every one will be equal in every thing and we will all enjoy the peace of the land

এই ক্রিকেট খেলা না দেখলে চরম মিচ করবেন।
মহামান্য রাষ্ট্রপতি আব্দুল হামিদ এর মারাত্মক হাস্য রসাত্মক বক্তব্য!
রাষ্ট্রপতি আব্দুল হামিদ কেমন মজার মানুষ একটু দেখুন, হাসবেন না কিন্ত-----???

Its true that knowlegde means power.This post is quite creative and full of knowledgeable words that inspired someone to acheive greatness.welldone boss!!!

I agree with you completely..

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thank you sir for this article .I find steemit very useful .i think working here can improve our writing ,reading learning skills and knowledge motivates people to achieve best in their lives.bitcoin is still ban in pakistan still we do not know what Government will decide about these currencies.hopefully future will be fine

Yes i love steemit

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Wonderful word, i almost thought i am in a Church service because this kind of words, urges, and encouragement do mostly come from men of God but here i would say you re one, because anyone who goes about doing good and helping people, motivating the dead spirit of success in people, creating avenue for peoples lives to turn a new leave is simply a man of God. I have for yrs been using facebook and other social networks, i have never been paid a dime, here on steemit am paid even for ordinary comment that i have been doing on other social networks. What a golden opportunity given to us at this time where success looks like the Atlantic Ocean that cannot be cross, but steemit has provided a bridge for us, what a great network, am so happy to be part of the beneficiaries of this platform, barely going to a week i joined steemit, things re changing already, my hope is returning back, i now smell success everywhere around me. THANK YOU @STEEMIT, THROUGH YOU, WE SHALL KNOW NO POVERTY ANYMORE. Thank you my best of best Mentor here @dorbatim, words cannot describe you. All i will say is, MORE POWER TO YOUR ELBOW.

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Thank you for this post, very interesting read indeed! And you are right, these years ahead will be very interesting to see.. I think we all who are early adopters to the crypto world and steem, will have a lot of gains and a lot of fun :)

Thanks yet again!

// @sanktnico

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Very the right thought. I agree, that a person cannot be successful without the use of modern technologies. Any success is work. It's a good idea to have a plan in your head, what you have to do to achieve the goal. I have a question. How to understand, at what level on Steemit you are ? Is that the number in parentheses next to nick?

Yes, this is that number

Thank you, sir, I trust that we will see each other at the top! You're a daily read for me because of your inspirational messages.

Great write again Sir, my country(Nigeria) also falls in this category and steemit has granted a lot of unemployed people like myself the opportunity to earn for ourselves.

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How to build inspiration

I go along with you @dobartim. I am a newbie on this platform. You know what brother? After a month joining this platform, I feel so many positive energy united as a big power to spread around the word. Through this platform we can learn how to be creative, original, care, and many other positive things. Thank you for sharing us.

এই ক্রিকেট খেলা না দেখলে চরম মিচ করবেন।
মহামান্য রাষ্ট্রপতি আব্দুল হামিদ এর মারাত্মক হাস্য রসাত্মক বক্তব্য!
রাষ্ট্রপতি আব্দুল হামিদ কেমন মজার মানুষ একটু দেখুন, হাসবেন না কিন্ত-----???

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thanks motivasi..but for us beginners very difficult to rise that level because very minimal vote ...hehe

It's true that time is working for us Steemians. Every little effort on Steemit is fruitful.

It's an amazing platform that gives everybody an opportunity to share their expertise, talent or anything.

Steem is awesome. I love Steemit. I mean it.

One of the goals I set was to reach level 30 on Steemit. To achieve that goal, I said I would have to do it with posting 200 articles/comments. It was an amazing feeling to achieve level 30, but I made sure I set another goal, because if we don't keep setting goals, we will eventually stop.

Well said, Steemit has great potential to have a disversity of talents. We are from everywhere and each one contributes the best of himself.

I can imagine when the SBD is worth $ 100. That is going to be wonderful.

Really great piece of writing. Creativity can only be limited by one's imagination. And as far as i believe, everyone alive is creative in one small way or the other. ANYBODY ALIVE IN THIS AGE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SHOULD COUNT THEMSELVES FORTUNATE. Information and ideas literarily chase us up and down. It just requires a little bit of focus, a great deal of avoiding distractions and allowing the mind to take an adventure. I strongly believe that if we do not stop ourselves, anyone of us can become an inventor.

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In a developing country like NEPAL,Steem plays a very important role in uplifting poverty.Thank you sir for your post!!

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