The Old World is Crumbling Under The Bumps Of Digital Fists

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We wake up every morning in the same time, we prepare for the work, we look at the clock and run out of the apartment.This way of life is repeated every day, every week, every year. The only exception is the breaks we use to restore our energy. We ask for better conditions, a raise and more free days, many times, no one wants to hear our needs because we are just a small screw in the business chain. People have never had the chance to print their money, produce it and place it on the stock market. Small people are trained in a special education system with the goal of becoming small fish. The rich were right to have a highly educated workforce. Production modernized, accelerating with an increase in volume up to 1000 times, and wages remained the same or less in terms of purchasing power. The Internet gave the chance for people to cross the borders to be connected. New Internet generations of businessmen have become billionaires, now we can not do without the internet any job.

The world has changed and we are experiencing another major change that changes the whole business history. The poor become free, creative people become multimillionaires in a connected world of new financial communications. Bitcoin has changed the history of financial communication, it has launched a new direction of business that connects the whole world without the control of wealthy people. Behind him, new currencies started to appear every month, now everyone knows that paper money has to be out of use. The speed of transactions, the great growth potential of the stock market, and the non-controlling business in a decentralized oasis have generated great attention in the world. Banks charge large commissions, transfers are transferred only to working days, digital currencies do not have this problem. We are happy because we can print the money, we have to invest in Bitcoin or ETH mining machinery, we live in the golden age of human history in terms of material success.

New currencies brought a new dimension that accelerated the process of success. Among all the novelties, a new king emerged who united the whole world in achieving the same global dream - Steem. Steem is technically the best currency in the world, but more importantly, the same team created a machine that has defeated poverty - Steemit. Everyone can write posts, post pictures and comments, this is a wonderful opportunity that has united the modern world. Our work is adequately rewarded, we are well paid bloggers who are progressing at the speed of light. When we make one Steem it's not $ 4, watch Steem as an investment, and by the end of 2018 you'll see that 1 Steem has a value of $ 50 to $ 100. We become rich in our work, investors are an attractive idea to invest in Steem Power as they get extra money through their posts and voting. We all have a chance to enrich ourselves, to learn new knowledge that leads us to the highest levels of financial independence.

We need to be active because a great war is going on between the bankers and the new currencies, the bankers want to take digital currencies for themselves, to give us their high interest rates. Steemit is the ideal project to prove our strength, to unite all the fans of digital currencies in the common goal of freedom from bank shackles. We need to think about promotion, new users are proof of our mission. Technically, all necessary details of the project can be technically addressed, from the problem of registering new users to online connectivity with companies and worldwide sales chains. We need to understand where we are, and then accept responsibility for what has been given to us. Steemit is a global project with the best currencies in the world with the fastest blockchan technology and capacity for transfers. We are the bearers of the most modern trend that conquers the world, we should be proud of being Steemians. We bring joyful news to everyone's home, we are the prophets of new freedom of thought and financial independence.

Believe in yourself @dobartim

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", we live in the golden age of human history in terms of material success."

Well said, so right, your post open my mind in few things 😁😁😁
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Thank you very much for nice comment


Thank you, I could say more but my language it's not so rich... Sorry
I'm still learning 🙈🙈🙈
I don't want say something in wrong sentence 🤓🤓


Absolutely true.. What you've explained is the life of an everyday ordinary person. Chained in waking up every morning in the same time, preparing for the work, looking at the clock and running out of the apartment.. all this going on everyday throughout the year. And still this person has no say over he's working conditions. It's so sad that lots of people are living in this state. Locked away from having free will.
Cryptocurrency came to answer lots of these people's prayers.. a system where they have control of their finances. Where they become bosses of their own, and here steemit comes in to better what cryptocurrency offers.
Getting paid for each entire time they invest on steemit.. a life time opportunity for all the people facing financial hardships. And getting paid in steem, a currency growing so fast... What more would an ordinary person ask from life other than steemit.
Lets just continue spreading steemit to millions going through hard times and haven't yet known about the platform.
Great post @dobartim


Exellent comment

The internet coupled with technology were created to make life simpler and easy going I believe. Man by virtue of his God given wisdom has been able to use these (internet and tech) to become billionaires. A typical example is cryptocurrency which is digital currency
Nice post @dobartim


Thank you very much

Totally agree with you, world is changing so fast and I'm sure it's going to a better way. Crypto world is like a beginning of internet era, so I believe it will change the whole world in near future, it will decentralize everything (not only social networks or blog networks), it has capability to decentralize education system, governments, dirty politicians & etc.

btw, I think we are sitting on a fast train here on Steemit :))
Thanks for sharing!

Great post. This is where people need to be quick and choose the right blockchain projects and give ourselves a chance to not be "small fish" anymore. You are right in saying we are conditioned from a young age to accept the mundane "easy" life. I hope for better and I defiantly hope for better for my kids. Thanks for the great post. Please feel free to give my blog a look and if you like anything in there give me a follow @dan21050


I will see

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Digital currencies is the key currency for tomorrow. Steemit is the platform for all


Yes of course

I totally agree with you. Can't wait till steem gets to $50. Thanks for motivating us.


Lets form a block chain, do you have and idea?

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We cannot deny it.the internet has made our worlds a better place to live in financially.people create relevance which they lack in their surroundings and talents are magnified like on a big telescope.we can only be thankful to the inventors of the internet.we keep steeming!


Go ahead

Yeah...steemit is actually very great.
Just a few days here and i have observed steemit is brewing a revolution.
So all ye Steemians get ready for your very own resolution lest ye be taken by surprise!!


Welcome to Steemit


Thank you. People like you are making the experience worth the while.

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Peace. Together we shall make a better world despite all of those who wish to make it 'theirs' instead or 'ours' :) Power though we, not me!


Thanks for this words

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Beathifull men.

nice post you my friend really like to post you my friends thank you for sharing things that I can learn from you


Thanks for comment

If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal, not to people or objects

The unending cycle of waking up at dawn and sleeping at dusk for another's wealth is the rat race and to break free from that rat race, somethjng more than more work or hardwork js required. Smart work is what is what is required and that is the opportunity that steemit has provided with this platform.


Only smart works

The unending cycle of waking up at dawn and sleeping at dusk for another's wealth is the rat race and to break free from that rat race, something more than more work or hardwork is required. Smart work is what is required and that is the opportunity that steemit has provided with this platform.


Steemit is our family

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Believe in yourself --
This is it :-) great post
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I know a great war is going on between the banking system and the new system. but I also know that, nothing can stop an idea whose time has come!! its time for cryptocurrency. its time for steemit!!


Of course, Cheers

the digital world has taken over..


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Try & open your third eye" Timothy O'Leary. Good stuff.

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@dobartim You are doing a great service here on steemit you rock.What you have said is very true and I really loved it and it goes with the famous quote from Warren Buffet that

"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep,then you will work untill you die"

And thanks to Steem and cryptocurrency tthat has made things a little bit easier for us to get better chance of succeeding.


Welcome to Steemit

Nice read. The first Bitcoin related writer I've found/decided to follow. Would love hear more about the details of the radical change upon us. We can all feel it, but have a hard time articulating.


Welcome to Steemit

This life is full of repeated activities which makes it a cycle for us. You have said it all. The internet sometimes i call it "freedom" for it open our eyes to so many things in life and it connect people together regardless of the distace barrier.


See you on the top

This is an impressive blockchain project, im sure it s gonna have a bright futur, wanna see more from ur work, well done


Thank you

The quote below sums up well the reason why people are not migrating en mass to Steemit, we have become accustomed to this living for the sake of just getting by for a long enough span of time that it's built into our DNA.

"Production modernized, accelerating with an increase in volume up to 1000 times, and wages remained the same or less in terms of purchasing power."
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Thank you.


You are welcome

I need to move as a result of a good war goes on between the bankers and therefore the new currencies, the bankers need to require digital currencies for themselves, to administer North American nation their high interest rates.@faruk1 Thank you.


Welcome to Steemit

The financial elites are all doing a mad dash into the crypto world in order to safeguard their wealth.

@dobartim - this is great content you've posted. A lot of value and unique content you've posted about the changing nature of the world in traditional financial markets and moving towards new digital currencies like Bitcoin.

It is truly a paradigm shift from the old fiat currencies to new cryptocurrencies. The future is bright; keep up the quality content and I've followed - upvoted & resteemed this post!


Welcome to Steemit

This was dope! Many waves from low to high energy....poppin 🔥


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What a nice rhetoric, very inspiring that every Steemians must read.

We do live in a time of global change, not only in technology but also in the world of Finance. Great contribution was made by the cryptocurrency. Steem is a unique currency, because it does not require initial investments. Conversely. It gives you the opportunity to earn. We can all take care of our financial well-being, when we write good posts and develop on Steemit.

Excellent motivation for the Steemit community by expanding the frontiers of knowledge around cryptocurrencies and the democratization of opportunities for participation.

Thank you! As a new user, I try to read as many articles and what everybody has to say on this network. I'm truly amazed by the fact that even though many of us are already used to be on social platforms, we had never shared something this unique about the same people judging and voting, giving value to our own original content. I really like steemit not only for having the opportunity to earn money or currency (for my time spent on it), but because it is a platform that unites so many of us with that hunger of success, I think it's a great improvement from spending literally infinite bandwith without being paid but instead, paying ourselves big bills for it. I could talk only about steemit but I won't, because I think that people working and marketing so many quality posts, so many skills and art through out it all, they, we are the ones that are really setting the bar high in this. I'm not only proud, I feel inspired, for being able to see so many talented people sharing and trying to improve, but even better, to help us newbies to not make mistakes and to have a better sight of what to do and how to do so. This post is good because you are too. And what you try to achieve is a wonderful goal. I sincerely respect you and thank you again, for taking the time to get to us, without having to drop an inch the well done work you're already presenting to us. We are all one. Cheers!

Great post. As a member of the younger generation, I believe cryptocurrencies and the use of blockchain is our version of the creation of the internet. Such a revolutionary concept, and it gives the people some of the power back.

There is still a long way to go considering that the crypto market is the smallest market in existence.