I Like To Swimm With Little Fish In The Ocean Of Whales

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The same people, the same blogs in the ocean of big money games. There are few creative people, some have a big position because they had the money to invest in Steem Power. Small fish give their maximum potential to reach the top, I see a lot of bestellers, I enjoy when I see how they grow every day. My mission is to help small fish to be more successful than me, let the best be for which we are progressing. The maximum position on Steemit is to be a witness and a whale, and I decided to become so that I could help even more. Currently I am investing about $ 10,000 per month from my earned money that I give in my competitions - that's almost all of my earnings. I am making a Customer Witness project, where 100% of earnings go to open new Steemmit schools. Anyone who wants to join and help develop a project with ideas, programming, design, promotion, etc. can connect to a discord channel https://discord.gg/62XWW4 .


Happiness and success are not in money, it is not at the level that you achieve. It's a success when you have a quiet sleep, when you feel nice and knowing that you gave 100% of your potential to make this world better. When I mention the Steemit school, most people expect donations at the very start, but those best people are working on it and do not wait for the best time. When we do not have money, that does not mean that we can not do anything, it's a moment that invites us to wake up with a strong desire and enthusiasm that pushes us to stand up and win ourselves. If I believe in myself, then I do not doubt the result and I do not turn back but I just look at my goal that is closer to me everyday. The power of the mind and the power of the heart are the two greatest forces in the whole universe, that is the part of the strength given to us that we can do impossible things.

We are surfing on the waves of faith, love, knowledge and courage. When we are in the waves of trouble, we need to surf with much faith. When we are in the waves of the future, we need to surf on the waves of knowledge. We are emotional beings that drive the ego and it is therefore important that we work on our emotional intelligence. People most often respond to the Stimulans - Reactions principle, the same is true for animals.We need to work on every situation according to the Stimulans - Pause - Reaction principle, that is the detail that raises us to the level of greater consciousness.Our habits are based on subconscious reactions, so it is important to see patterns of behavior that are repeated and to change them at the root. Steemit is a great place to be a mirror of real life and business in the world. Get in touch with small fish, sharks and whales because you have to swim for a long time with them.

Believe in yourself and your abilities, swim in the great waves where whales are leading the main thing, but do not doubt that one day you will be a big fish. You are unique with special talents, take advantage of the benefits that you have received as a gift in this life and work on yourself every day. Make your plan, write details and strategy, learn from successful people every day and be active, do not sleep because the time has come for big changes. Stretch out your hand so that I can pull you to the top, show me your enthusiasm and the passion that burns in your heart. Your heart should be clean and with a lot of love, your words should be honest and everything you do will become gold in your hands.

This is your year of success

See you at the top
Believe in yourself @dobartim


Interesting .. I really liked it
Steam now has become a big part of the life of many members and this has to be reflected
It's nice to see great results. This means the value of posts
Well done thanks for sharing

Yes definitely, a very big part that should receive value.

love the pep talk! thanks for that! really appreciate the words of encouragement in the sea of comments and posts about and endless array of topics. and this really stands out. also, love what you're doing with steemit schools and will check out the discord group. I'm a UX designer and trained architect (the buildings kind;p) and I've worked on a lot of education and school projects during my university years (and some Ed-Tech projects for startups). even my thesis was designing a school and tech-learning ecosystem in ghana! so happy to contribute in any way I can.

ps - super small sidenote: you wrote the same sentence twice at the top of the post!:

"Small fish give their maximum potential to reach the top, I see a lot of bestellers, I enjoy when I see how they grow every day. Small fish give their maximum potential to reach the top, I see a lot of bestellers, I enjoy when I see how they grow every day."

steem on! <3

Thank you very much, you are welcome in our Steemit School family

thank you!:) i look forward to checking it out! :D

Wow this is just uniquely phenomenal
Goodluck with is and more success to u sir.

Thank you very much

This very nice post i appreciate yourmotivation thanks for sharingthis life ..Best of luck..

so inspiring....since childhood i always look at my self as a "small fish" living in a "small fish bowl" reading your article is so inspiring . I dreamed that even at my age now i can make it big with faith in my heart,with determination...i believe one reason why people succeed is because someone or somebody believes in them and that is You

Really this is a inspirational post for us. Who are very frustrated with their position. They should read this post to gain inspiration . and he will know how to be success in steemit.

See you on the top

Self victory is useless if we have a team we must lift up our team to be a winner team victory is much happier than a self victory

Belive in yourself

Swim in the great waves where whales are leading the main thing, and surely you shall be a BIG FISH... @dobartim says so

See you on the top


You have said it all, it aren't easy down here for minnows who have no money to invest but people like you keep us going because of your motivation and the in part you make in us to grow and I really appreciate you for that. I have once thought of giving up because I see it like am never going to get there but not giving up will make me stronger and that what am doing. This 2018 is my year like you said and am sticking to that better me ahead.

See you on the top

I appreciate your work, the small fish really has to work hard to earn money, the one's having money invest in their steem power but the small fishes have to work hard, Keep doing this work

your post is very interesting
I really like, hopefully we get to know each other better

Thanks, welcome to our discord channel

your description is good and your goals are noble

I am amazed by your goals and I hope you have a lot of help
I wait instructions and the way from you,
because I am in the environmental class of small fish
please support

Change your mind and be positive like big fish

Happiness and success are not in money, it is not at the level that you achieve. It's a success when you have a quiet sleep, when you feel nice and knowing that you gave 100% of your potential to make this world better.

This is a leaders mind-set, and it clearly signifies there are people out there still fighting for the vision. Am also a minnow, as normal ,in the stage where we still feel we can't make it looking on the turn out. But with this , my hope has being lifted .I can still fall and rise and believe I will get to the top someday . Thanks for this sir.

Thanks for kind words

wonderful & phenomenal!

Welcome to Steemit

Your posts always amaze me.
Every time i see your post, i always feel happy and happy.

A wonderful narrative :)

Thank you very much

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This is so motivating

You're a really great guy.
You are what I want to become on steemit.
See you at the top :)

Welcome, see you on the top

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Thank you very much for your motivation, this is a very strong post!!! I admire the Steemit school and what you're doing. You're right, everyone-and whales and dolphins and small fish should interact with each other, because they form this platform

Thank you for kind words

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This is so motivating!! The caption is what brought me here. It was a worthwhile read 😊

Welcome to Steemit

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Thanks for the great motivation @dobartim. Like you are saying, nothing works without a plan. It's important to strategise and work our plan. If you really want to succeed you have to be willing to put in the work. Nothing beats hardwork

Smart work and wise words

Thank you for reaching out to help the new people! What is Steemit school? Thanks.

See my last 5 posts

I will look, thank you.

You are so great madaam :) you got plans to help us minnows here in steemit. Atlast there will be a chance that our posts will be recognized. This is an amazing kindness from you. Thanks a lot, people like encourages us to keep moving forward despite having trouble at the beginning. Kodus to you madaam !

Good post but I dont agree with one thing: money do make u happy ,no one can deny that but you need to have other things in your life as important as money eg health ,friendships,fullfilments etc.. they are all important ,it's all about equilebrium

This is true

Beautiful and empowering. You're a great writer :-) That's exactly what I'm aiming at with my life and my writing alike. Enthusiasm is contagious and it spreads like wildfire. It also dies eventually if it's left unattended, haha.
I've taken a while to get started here, but I'm going to try get this whole thing going :-)

Welcome to Steemit

tell me more human

Buen blog! éxitos en tu proyecto.

Welcome to Steemit

Thanks for putting resources towards the fish. That’s the smartest thing for people who want long term growth here to do.

One of my favorite things to hear is something will turn into gold. I love the potential of steemit & steem, but I love the history of gold much more. I prefer the real thing over alchemy 😂 but I have both!

Wonderful choice

Very motivational, especially for those who are struggling with steemit.

See you on the top

It was like Martin Luther speech. You are a very good motivational speaker. Congrats for the work that you do on steemit. Keep up with the good work!

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Inspiring words. Made me reflect on how I was complaining in a post some minutes ago. I just read about your inmense persistance on the platform in a postby @flysky on how you have always believed to get to where you are now.

I have a little less than a month here and have been given it all my heart. I will do my best to take out the anxiousness and the expectations and just keep working like I have. Do more, complain less, and just believe and keep moving forward.

I feel good to have found you. Thank you so much for your words, they really reach a deep part inside of me.

Great post! You just got a 100.00% upvote from @edensgarden!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

@dobartim Your words are very inspiring, if we as small fish have to learn many things from the other people who are part of this great project that is steemit. Doing the right things and tasks in the near future we will be part of the big ones. An affectionate hug

Great post. You're right when you say that happiness and success are not in the money. Setting goals in life helps us achieve them. Every step we take is a step closer to the goal. We just have to be positive and believe in ourselves. Thanks for the wonderful motivating post.

Thank you for such an inspirational post. Education matters and working with your heart makes improvements. I believe that no matter how small progress is, it is still the progress. We live on such a beautiful planet that we really have to learn how to cherish it more. We are the ones who make decisions weather we want to eat the same junk food throughout the world and listen to the same music. My opinion is that we live only once and we should make it count. I sure try to expose inspiring places I visit on my travels on my blog. In that way I can contribute to their story of success.

Great one day we the small fish will grow to become big fish with our hard work ,my brother success is also in money oo ,when you keep given your best and no good result ,you surely be depressed ,thou we keep trying till we reach there . Great work you doing ,joining your discord channel right away

Welcome to our family

You're indeed working hard on this great mission

to help small fish to be more successful than me, let the best be for which we are progressing.

More grease to your elbow!

Be honest and do your best

Oh my God, am so touched from this great words, its so bad i missed it when it was live, but i cant do without dropping a comment because your words cannot come and go without touching and changing peoples lives just like me. Am so happy God gave me an opportunity to know you and thanks to steemit. I would likewise do my best to change the ugly situations of many and put smile in their faces. God bless you sir.

es un buen sitio para mostrar trabajo y contenido. estoy iniciandome tambien en steemit

I think this is one of the only things that I don't like about this platform. Decentralization doesn't work if power is held only by a few. A decentralized platform where only a few have the power to demolish those who are trying to grow is not decentralized anymore.

Say something a big whale don't like? Here a giant flag that will ensure that you're not heard.

Then all the top posts is the same people saying the same things trying to make this into a battlefield between factions where we bow to the masters and "Delegate" our SP trying to make someone stronger on our behalf because we are worthless.

I have faith in the project, I have faith in steem, and all I want to say is, please, browse the "New" section, check your favorite tags, follow people who post content that you like, and just ignore the Whales making the big money.

Interesting project, but instead of competitions, why not reward people that write good content?

Check this one that i wrote about steem economy, and let me know what your think.

Thank you!

Wow... am a motivational writer and all my life motivation has been my best strenght. I hope to help people through motivation and help build a world full of love and peace. I do not believe everything is about money but how much value you are ready to add to people's life.

I will join your discord .

Nice photography ..... Thanks for sharing ...... @marzukirizki

Excellent post

I am so glad to find your blog, this is exactly why I want to join Steemit!
To meet people like you and to share our knowledge, and to support each other in stepping into our unique gifts.
Thank you so much for all that you do to help others in the World!
I am so glad to connect with you and hope you will share my journey as well.
Blessings of Peace & Love
from my Heart to yours,

good photo I'm interested in seeing it is really amazing, thanks for sharing ...... @marzukirizki

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