Take Down the Christmas Decorations

in motivation •  21 days ago

I remember when I was still in school. After the holidays one year, I walked into the school and was mildly surprised to see the Christmas decorations still hanging around the school. I figured that these decorations would remain there until the year ended, and maybe remain there for years until a natural force moved it. In some places, the lights were still put on at night, looking out of place as the year is far from new, and the Christmas celebrations are long over.


It then hit me that the same thing applies to us humans who tend to make resolutions because a year is at its end, and forget to turn the resolutions into actions or lifestyles when the New Year begins. We keep looking at them as to-do lists, never ticking them off as done, and before we know it, it’s another 365 (or 366) days gone, and we are having the same old resolutions as New Year’s resolutions. The same thing I reckoned would happen to the Christmas decorations would happen to us when we refuse to take definite actions to change what we know needs changing, nature would act.

If it is health related, we may develop a major health challenge.

If it is about our academics, we may fail woefully.

If it is about our spiritual life, we may have challenges we would find really hard to overcome, or worse still, we may miss salvation.

If it is about always making the wrong decisions when it comes to who we go into a romantic relationship with, we may hurt ourselves and get terribly scarred.

If it is about working hard positively to earn good money, we may get hit by poverty.

The list could go on and on. When nature acts, the effects are disastrous. But the aim of writing down my thoughts is not to scare us or make fear motivation. Fear is a bad motivator, because one day, you will have to look fear in the face and say, ‘What? How bad can it be?’

But when you look at what you get to gain by keeping true to your goals, you should be motivated to achieve them.

If it is health related, we get to live a healthy life by making healthy choices.

If it is about our academics, we get to excel and reach great heights.

If it is about our spiritual life, we get to enjoy a loving relationship with our God, where He takes care of all our challenges and sticks with us no matter how hard the wind blows, and better still, we gain salvation.

If it is about always making the wrong decision when it comes to who we go into a romantic relationship with, we get to feel the confidence that comes with great achievements and breakthroughs, we get to clear our minds and views, we get to clear the space for better people to come into our lives.

If it is about working hard positively to earn good money, we get to enjoy the rewards of hard work, success. We get to learn to live life confidently as a hard worker because we are able to face most challenges.

But all these rewards won’t come until we pack up the Christmas (and New Year’s) decorations, and face life after the holidays.

Start work on your resolutions, the year has started, and before we know it, it will be over. If you don’t have resolutions, start on your plans for the year, those things you kept saying you will begin by next year, last year. This is the year you planned for. Act!

So, pack up the Christmas decorations hanging around your mind, bring out your notepads, and start strategizing on how to attain great heights this year. Some goals need step by step plans, write them down, and start on the first step. Be true to yourself, foolishness is cheating yourself.

The year is young, but it won’t remain so for long. The celebrations are over, the year is moving, the first month will soon be over, time is going, and life is going on.

So, I have decided to start my online classes on copywriting tomorrow morning, that’s one of the things I told myself I will start this year. I’d like you to write yours down in the comments. You can comment as many times as possible, it will serve as a memo to yourself that you are packing away the Christmas decorations and getting busy on your to-do list.

We might count how many we achieved at the end of the year.

So share, and let’s get cranking!

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A good post and it makes sense - but expecting others to comment, as you asked, it only happens if you have a strong community of friends who enjoy chatting with you.

Keep trying, it will happen.


Thank you again @arthur.grafo

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