How To Stay Motivated And On Track In This Mixed Up World, Goal Setting 101

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I am writing this for anyone who is struggling with "trying to get ahead". It can be really hard to stay positive on a day to day basis when you are constantly being bombarded with social media distractions, negative family members or friends, nutrient-deficient food and inadequate water sources. All these things can make you feel down and out of touch. You must have a plan of action to keep yourself on track and, aware of these obstacles, strive to reach your short and long-term goals. Remember "Action creates results". First and foremost you must have a plan! Every day you need to compile a to-do list. This is so important in any aspect of your life and it doesn't matter if you are starting a new business, a new weight-loss program, going for a job promotion, saving for a trip, starting to blog on steemit or maybe just getting your life back under control.

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Write your goals down or, if you are tech savvy, maybe use a goal app or a notebook folder. The first step is to get your goals written down. You can have personal goals, family goals and business goals. I usually do a daily list. This helps me work toward my weekly goals and my monthly goals. The key is to review your goals daily and don't be afraid to share your goals. If you tell friends and family then you will hold yourself more accountable. The key to making your goal setting work is to train yourself to read and review your goals on a daily basis. Sometimes people will tend to set low goals because they are afraid of not attaining them. You can also set your goals too high and miss your target and feel discouraged and want to give up. The key is to challenge yourself and, at the same time, feel good enough about yourself. Sometimes you may need to modify a goal. This doesn't mean you've failed, it just means that life doesn't always go as planned. Let's say you are doing a weight-loss goal to go on vacation and look great in your new swimsuit and suddenly you get a bad cold. Well, your goal for going to the gym that week might not work as you need to rest and not exert yourself too much. So you might have to modify the goal for that week. You have to get comfortable with writing goals and reviewing them. I would suggest starting with small goals and daily to-do lists and then work your way into bigger and more life-changing goals. If you can read your goals every morning and be specific as what you need to accomplish that day. Then review them again before you go to bed. Your life will start to fall back into place and you will start to see subtle changes. You will then start to feel really good about your self. Never forget to celebrate when you reach a goal.

Here are a few people who overcame obstacles when they were told they were no good or their goals could not be met:

Walt Disney was fired and told he lacked creativity. He went bankrupt several times before opening Disneyland.
Scouts thought Tom Brady was slow, out of shape and not strong enough. He was drafted in the 6th round.
Colonel Sanders was turned down over 1000 times before his families' secret recipe of 12 herbs and spices was accepted.
Michael Jordan didn't make his High School Basketball team.
Beethoven was told he was hopeless as a composer.

The list of people who overcame challenges and obstacles can go on and on. The point is to never give up and keep striving to be better. Write your goals down and review your goals every day. I promise if you do this you will succeed. Remember a Big Shot was once a little shot who kept on shooting. Gotta Love Zig Ziglar.

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This last paragraph I have taken from a sales training event I was involved in back in the 90's in Tampa, Florida. The speaker was Chuck Warner. Not sure if it was his quote or someone else's but I loved it.

Focus On Solutions Instead of Problems.

Massive consistent action compiled with pure persistence and a sense of flexibility in pursuing your goals will ultimately give you what you want, but you must abandon any feeling or notion that there is no solution.

You see, we all have problems, disappointments and frustrations, but it's how we deal with our setbacks that will shape our lives more than anything else we do.

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I suggest setting a stretch goal, that is one which really pushes you outside of your comfort zone. The goal should also be specific, measurable and time-bound.

Even if you don't hit your stretch goal, you will still exceed your expectations. You might not reach the moon but you could land in the clouds.

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I am motivated. I really have to stick to my daily to-do list. Thanks for this article.

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Hey Dean love the article. ❤️🐶love my dog as well...belive and anything is possible. Love is the answer to all. Great way to encourage with visual...copies your picture, might use it for a tweet to help some of my friends....again thank you. Keep going foward @johnskotts I’m new at steemit. There’s a lot more people to thank. I’m on my mobile. My computer just burned out. Using my Sunday to get it fixed. Panicing. 💪🇨🇦 And I just ran out of steem. Lol

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Nice job buddy...throw sick in the mix and it's even harder I bet!! You're so right about focusing on solutions instead of wallowing in the problems; the wallowing only seems to make the problem grow bigger:)