[ Motivation ] I lost my Motivation by Brendon Burchard

SUMMARY of video:

“You deserve to do something important with your day. But you’ll never do it if you keep starting your day in distraction, consuming everybody else’s will, opinions and judgments.”

“If you want motivation in your life, get momentum again. Set 3 goals you’re going to do every single day. Start your day by getting connected with the thing you’re fighting for.”

Getting done what’s important for the day builds momentum. That momentum will fire you up. Then, you’ll start taking on better, bigger, more appropriate and motivating projects for yourself.

This is a MUST WATCH episode about the mindset and practices that sustain motivation (and how to get it back when you’ve lost it).

Source: https://brendon.com/blog/i-lost-my-motivation/

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Very good motivation in these testing times for Crypto. :)

I think we should watch this every morning before getting started with anything else.

Hell yeah! Brendon the motivational speaker! Have learned so much from him. Great to see people post that here! +1 upvote :D!

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