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Some evenings ago, I was out sitting with a neighbour. While sitting, we discussed several issues(trivial and non-trivial). I can't really recall what topic we were discussing at hand but a sentence captured my attention. My neighbour said
"overlook some things to overcome many things"
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Do you grab the scope of this statement? Here's what I think; Humans are bundle of emotions. We are but emotional creatures!
I've come to the realisation that whatever a man sets out to do, there will always be people that will constantly negate his motion. This tend to cripple a man and make his goals appear unreasonable. What do you do in times like this? It takes alot of courage and self-motivation to keep going while learning from your mistakes at the same time.

Hearing the statement above, It was as if a veil was taken off my face. The truth is that there will surely be a form of resistance, they'll definitely be people who will annoy and frustrate you. One certain way to overcome this negation is simply by overlooking. You can't possibly react to everything or everyone that antagonises you. That will only drain you emotionally and leave you a wasted man.
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Everyone have certain weak points, and being constantly reminded of these weak points does nothing but grieves a person. It cripples the will. One way or the other, a man has to defeat his demons. He can't continually be left frustrated. For the sake of of peace of mind and steady progress, I'll advice you my friends to learn to OVERLOOK SOME THINGS TO OVERCOME MANY THINGS



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Good one. Learn to overlook somethings to overcome many things!

Yes dear.. it is an antidote against troubled mind.

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Excelent post and advice! Overlooking things means not judging others or "giving space" to others to be themselves, with all their shor comings... Every judgement before the Final Judgement is prejudice...

Rightly said.im happy you relate with this post. Thanks for this comment and upvote also.

I think Cee cee of the current bigbrothernaija needs this advice lol.

so true

No relationship is great.

On the off chance that that didn't enroll, rehash it to yourself a couple of times for good measure.

Presently, once we've acknowledged that we will get into contentions with our noteworthy others now and again, we can move in the direction of getting rid of what's really worth battling about and what each brother needs to relinquish to influence it to work.

The enormous stuff — life/vocation choices made with your conference, correspondence with an ex, and skewed ethics and convictions (like she's a natural thief or, more awful, a nymphomaniac) — merits putting a foot down and attracting a line the sand and saying, "Over this line, YOU DO NOT CROSS."

In any case, there's a great deal of little crap that couples generally get into battles about that essentially ought to be maintained a strategic distance from — if not just for your psychological well-being.

Brothers, here are the 10 things you have to give slide access request to influence a relationship to work:

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