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I Was with some friends of mine today. We discussed randomly, but we talked more about music, media marketing and most importantly, how to keep the money rolling in non-stop. Of course, everyone had something to say. The next thing i heard is "you know success is contagious". A few seconds later, the meaning of the above statement hit me.

How many of us have been in a room where everyone talks about their future plans? Situations like this, you get a peek of the people you move with. Such was the situation I found myself in this morning. I heard some amazing ideas that left my imagination worked up. Have you heard someone say something and you wonder how can a person be so futuristic? Sometimes, sessions like this makes me feel like I imagine poorly. I'm like "why can't I think of that".

"Success is contagious". That statement resounded again In my head and I was happy I could grasp it's meaning. The truth is that, if you move with success-oriented individuals, beginning from your thought pattern, you begin to observe some subtle changes in your life. It's like you drop down a veil that has been obstructing your view. You become more exposed to a bigger picture, to a better standard of life.

It's no news again that the rich gets richer, while the poor continue to wallow in poverty.
In order to overcome this, one has to move along with the rich. How do you do this? Simple. Make friends with them. How do you make friends with them? Simple, ensure to keep a correspondence with them. Ask them questions that baffles you. Get to engage them in what you do. Overtime, this practice pays off in whatever form you can think of.

What are your goals and aspirations?? Study those that are success-oriented, check if they suit your lifestyle (this will make it easier for you ),create relationships with them. Ask for advice concerning what and what not should be done. Yes, it may be somehow at first, try not to allow this disturb especially when you aren't the outgoing type, over time, you'll get over the nervousness. Associate with the successful ones!!! For it is contagious.


You are very correct , you end up to be like the people you always have around you , success and failure does rub off
Great lesson you learnt @ceemo

Very true dear .

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Langkah menuju kesuksesan jangan malu bertanya, teruslah maju kedepan .
Saya menyukai artikel bapak @cemoo agar orang -orang jangan putus asa terhadap diri nya sendiri raih lah cita-cita kita mulai sekarang
Salam [email protected]

Contagious success 👌👌

The type of friend on keeps determines how far one will go in life. Making friends with people who has future plans and goals and are bent on achieving and also push one to achieve ones goal is quite important. "success is really contagious." Nice work 👌

Thanks Cheryl.

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Wow I enjoyed reading through this @ceemo this is wisdom at it's peak.
I smiled reading through this it was as if you spoke to me directly.
Thanks so much for this motivation I appreciate henceforth I would bear it in mind that Success is Contagious

Thanks for stopping by dearie. Dont let is slip by that success is contagious. Endeavour to integrate into a better company of friends.

I agree with you i have been told in my own business studies that if you surround yourself with successful people you'll thrive

success depends on what you are sharing your ideas and plans with,because sometimes you discuss it with a person that hates you or does not want you to be successful you will get depressed and throw all the plans away.surround your self with good people and know who you are talking with @ceemo

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