My Number One Hack for Staying Motivated in Work and Life

in motivation •  last year  (edited)

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Hey everyone on D.Tube, Steem and everywhere else in the STeem-verse,

Welcome to my first Vlog. I've been thinking about this topic after watching a lot of you talk about how you stay motivated and find success each day. I wanted to mention perhaps my biggest hack for keeping motivated. That's making sure you put yourself around people who inspire you and who truly excel at what they do. That's where so much of our learning/growth happens.

Hope you enjoy the video and let me know what you think!

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So your first video on DTube is officially the first one that I've watched on the platform! Great tip -- so much of success really does come from interacting with people who are on the same journey as you (and ideally a few steps ahead).

Looking forward to more great content -- and I hope to learn from you as I explore using Steem and DTube as a new way to extend my content and influence. Keep up the hustle!

Right back at you. Even with this post I was receiving guidance from certain nice people who are willing to lend their expertise. The important thing is to give back myself when I get the chance. :-)


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