What is the eternal joy of the man, what pain can understand? What does the poisonous poison mean?

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Happiness and sorrow are two opposite topics. These are deeply related to each other. The meaning of the other can not be understood unless one is there. The light is not understood when there is no darkness. When someone's hands cut off his pain, only that person could understand no one else. The sense of pain or pain is only understood by the person itself. We can not only give compassion to the neighbors. I can never feel his pain. The life of the people of the world has been developed in happiness and sorrow. But there are some people who enjoy happiness more than sorrow. So they do not understand the sadness of the sad person. There are many rich people in our society who are born with golden spoons.

Sometimes they do not count the poor people. Those who are happy and wealthy, they never understand the pain of the poor. So they neglect the poor and ignore them. They never try to understand the pain of the poor. They have created a divisive wall between the rich and the poor. People in the society do not want to raise their hands to help people who are poor. Rather they suffer more and more. The rich do not want to be in trouble. Because they do not assess this suffering. They forget that the mountains of happiness that they made are the sufferings of the poor people. Only those who bite the curse can feel the pain of poison. It can not be easily felt from others.

Education: The person who is suffering daily can understand the pain only. Some people may sometimes sympathize with the sad person. But it is only limited to compassion.

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Good article

Hmm. It takes love and passion to help the poor and it's rare in most rich people.
Nice post.