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Moderation in eating and drinking protection It is the best form of medicine and it keeps us from falling ill. Most of us suffer from various ailments because we do not lead a regulated and a balanced life, and ignore this sound piece of advice.

So long as our bodies are strong enough to resistant to diseases and get away with any degree of intemperance, we think that this vanity is blown to bits. We will wake up to the bitter truth that our unregulated habits have begun to tell on our health; that we have, after all, ruined our good health, the most valuable gift of nature, by our foolish extravagance.

This spendthriftness of one's energies, the thoughtless disassition of one's valuable possessions-Health - is an irreparable loss. The spending thrift of physique finds that those, who are delicate constitution, are maintaining better health, because they lead lives of temperance while he has scanned the precious treasure and has come to grief He burnt his candle at both ends and ruined himself But temperament is well-being In fact, it is a necessary condition of our happiness in all spheres of life. Excess is not just the health of it, it ruins everything. Excess of everything is bad.

Intemperance is equally harmful Happiness like health can be protected by the observation of the rule of 'golden mean' which the wise Greeks discovered long ago. Mahatma Buddha's famous middle path also enunciated at the same time.

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very inspiring, humans also have levels of endurance each ...

Fasting can also be practice. Your post is very informative.
Thank you for sharing this information.

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