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A great gift of God It is the best worldly possession, the most valuable wealth The vast majority of human acquisition of wealth become the be-all and end-all of their lives.

But the comforts and luxuries in which wealth can be placed on our disposal only by a man of sound body, a perfectly healthy man. A sickly an unhealthy man does not relish even his food. His diet is strictly regulated by the physicians.

He can not, or should not, eat what he wants for fear of upsetting his stomach or aggravating his disease. One, who can not enjoy his meat and drink, can hardly enjoy anything else He can not take part in manly games and sports which give unmixed pleasure. He can not study well books Good health is, in fact, the basis of every other enjoyment or achievement in life. The millionaire, the scientist and the scholar-all envy the man with good health and blooming cheeks.

They would be willingly part with some of their mental brilliance or wealth in exchange for sound health, for the fruits of wealth only by those who are physically fit For others, they are temptations which can cause them to lose.

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