Haughtiness is a cover which covers all the greatness of the people

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Haughtiness is a cover which covers all the greatness of the people
Great humanity is the manifestation of all human qualities. With these human qualities, man has separated himself from other creatures, has been the best creature of creation. Great people are not self-centered, they dedicate themselves to the welfare of the country and the ten. They are free from all kinds of degradation, poverty, narrow-mindedness, selfishness and arrogance. They always think about the country, the nation and the society, work unselfishly.

They are enlightened hearts, the people in the light find the path. Haji Muhammad Mohsin, Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, Begum Rokeya, etc. have left a bright example of greatness. The great people always think about how humans can become real people. They are strong holders and carriers. Never do they boast of their riches, wisdom and intellect. This prevents people from accepting good advice.

The arrogant person is so proud of his money, glory, fame, knowledge that even though he is a man, he does not even have legs on his soil. No matter how big a scholar, a wise man, a wealthy donor, a hero does not love him. Rather, people hate a proud one more. Pride motivates people to engage in destructive work. At the same time, pride also brings poverty to the forehead. As a result, the greatness of the person falls into the cover of arrogance. Poet Ishwar Chandra Gupta says, 'If you are high on the mountain, pride will be reduced to corruption, it is not strange.'

Education: The greatness of man develops through pride. The pride of arrogance and arrogance is the main obstacle in the world. This negativity of human character is always abandoned.

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