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BEAUTY Does not lie in physical appearance but in the goodness of heart A handsome person attracts our attention and wins our admiration forthe time. But if he is only good-looking and is not too good in mind and soul too, our admiration will soon give way to disgust.

It is often seen that a beautiful exterior is rarely accompanied by an equally beautiful interior. Physical and spiritual beauty A beauteous physique often harbors a devilish spirit. These people believe their appearances; They are good features and unkind acts. Shakespeare has rightly condemned such people He compares them to empty trunks, and mislead humanity.

In nature there is no blemish but the mind / None can be called deformed but the unkind / Virtue is beauty; but the beauteous evil / are like empty trunks over-flourish'd by the devil Virtue is beauty. ' An honest and virtuous man Physical beauty It easily withers away. But his good deeds make a man immortal It is, therefore, correct to say that 'handsome is that handsome does.

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Correct, Beauty does not matter. If your thoughts are good, then you have to look very handsome.