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FRUITS OF LABOR ARE SWEETER THAN THE GIFTS OF FORTUNE is the creature by nature and it gives him great pleasure and much satisfaction if he succeeds in doing something for himself.

If he can make a simple toy, Every man is a creator in his own way and his satisfaction and pride from his creation. Let us take a very ordinary example. Most of us at one time or other are obliged to cook our food for ourselves, and we all know that our own hands with the food cooked food is rarely about to be one of our mothers or wives by cooked.

But we find it more delicious and palatable than the best dishes served other-where It is the joy of one's own creation that adds sweetness to the food. Doing things for one-self is often fraught with trials and tribulations, pains and frustrations but the results are always sweet and satisfying.

We take pride in what we have been able to achieve with our efforts. Receiving a gift is pleasant no doubt, but it involves obligation to the giver. And every obligation is a degradation of the self. It hurts our sense of pride or self-respect. It is, therefore, natural for a man to feel more proud of his own achievements than the gifts that he gets.

Gifts do not fill us with a sense of pride of achievement This does not mean that gifts are unwelcome or useless On the opposite, they are most welcome and valuable. The only difference is that the fruits of our own labor are sweeter than the gifts of fortune.

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