Duty to parents

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In the relationship between thousands of relationships in the world, the relationship between the child and the parents grew. Those who bring us to the world to enjoy its innate beauty, they are our respected parents. A child born very helplessly. The child grew up in the field of parenting, adoration, affection, affection and education. So parental contributions to child's life are undeniable. It is not entirely possible for a parent to measure or evaluate this contribution to a child. Parents are the only safe place for children. Therefore, every child should fulfill their duty to parents and maintain their goodwill with them all the time.

Duties and responsibilities of the child to the parents: His parents are the best blessings for the child. That is why most of the parents in their child's life are important. The child's responsibility and duty to give them their rights. The first thing that comes in the responsibilities and responsibilities of children is to maintain good relations with parents, to show loyalty to them. According to the parents' satisfaction, the child should walk the path. Every child should always obey the parents and obey their orders. When parents get old, they become helpless like a newborn baby. In this regard, the responsibility of the child is to take their guardianship without considering the parents. It is said in Islam: 'The person who got his parents in old age but did not take care of them, there is no one like him.' Western psychologist Raskin thinks that there are three duties in the world: "Duty towards God, duty towards parents and duty towards humanity ''. As a result, keeping her professional success and keeping her own values ​​in so-called elite society, her old parents are placed in place for her child. This non-violent air is also in our country. Our educated conscious society should stop it. So parents should not do any kind of work that can hurt them.

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